Ditch the due date! Let’s start talking about the due month: or even 6 weeks

This is a very well thought out blog post. We at TIM alway say that when the baby decides to come… Is when the baby is due… But many people panic and end up in adverse situations. According to this article. “Yes, sadly sometimes things go “wrong” . Babies become ill or die, but, in my experience, mothers, if they are supported to go within, will sense that too. They are the best judges of what is going on for them and for their baby.” Talk about being InTune… 🙂

Well Mother

This was the message that Sara Wickham asked us to share after her talk:  “10 things I wish women knew about induction” held at the Watershed in Bristol last night.

Let’s stop asking women about their due date and,  instead, ask about the month in which their baby is due,  or even, as I talked afterwards with lovely Devon independent midwife Julia Duthie, maybe we should even extend that to 6 weeks.  Julia and I couldn’t work out a phrase to include “when are your due 6 weeks?”.  We liked the image of half a dozen eggs!  Maybe you have some ideas.

We must keep reminding everyone we work with that the length of a normal pregnancy can vary from 37 weeks to 43 weeks.

I am always “correcting” my students work when they say that their client had their baby “early” (ie before 40 weeks) or “late” ie…

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