Why You Don’t Need a Degree To Have a Successful Career in Community Development

JUST DO IT   “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn There is nothing more that I can’t stand is when someone tells me there is only one way to get things done. See I live by a different code, spiritually, intellectually, and professionally. In my mind, this makesContinue reading “Why You Don’t Need a Degree To Have a Successful Career in Community Development”

Pressed For Time

Be Prepared To Learn A Community Driven Initiative  GRASSROOTS ORGANIZATION DRIVES THE SHE COMMUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN LOCAL BACK TO SCHOOL BOOK BAG DRIVE   The InTune Mother “Be Prepared To Learn” CAMPAIGN   A community enrichment event tied to The Godby Rd Recreation Center, Annual Back 2 School Bash   The InTune Mother, CollegeContinue reading “Pressed For Time”

Be Prepared To Learn (Back To School Drive)

GETTING STARTED A good way to start is to know that in the end, hundreds of children will benefit at the start of this school year well equipped and ready to learn, thanks to you. It is the goal of The InTune Mother to support the families of College Park, GA, starting @ South Hampton Estates.Continue reading “Be Prepared To Learn (Back To School Drive)”

TIM Matters – Calling All Sponsors

In a few months The InTune Mother Project is turning 1 year old and to celebrate we are holding a MASSIVE group writing project with LOTS (I mean lots) of prizes. This is going to be huge! Back in May we posted about wanting your birth stories as a part of our first “group designedContinue reading “TIM Matters – Calling All Sponsors”