The Power of a Debt-FREE Homebirth

The Process Of Elimination



The $150 Home-Birth

Getting Started: Customizing your childbirth experience is the best feeling when preparing for your new bundle. When you think of following a specific childbirth model, you should always consider your budget. Having a new baby can be extremely expensive. After setting your financial goals, you can start working out the plans for the home-birth you want. By visualizing the environment, color, and even the smell. This is how you can create your very own awesome in home, birthing sanctuary.

Creative Focus

Getting InTune: You really need to enter your place of peace and contentment, to highlight the way you want to style and set-up your birth space mentally first. We offer several tools that will assist you through simple thought mechanisms that will empower you to birth the way you want. Want to get right to the saving of your birth, but having trouble doing it? Just use our “easy methodology” to strip away any doubt and reset your focus to the magical birth you want.

Magnetic Energy

Removing Energy Blocks: Repeating intention phrases to develop an expansion of your heart into a loving and energetic focus, can release powerful manifestations in this important time in the life of you and your new baby. Therefore removing the blocks and harnessing the perfect energy to “Birth Like A BOSS” becomes your desired outcome. You can get more intune: when you repeat “I AM removing the blocks” and remove all the ideas that make false images in the “gallery” of your mind about childbirth. “I AM capable of giving birth freely and successfully”. These are just a few ways to dig deeper and identify, with the power within yourself to achieve a positive home-birth outcome.

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Social Impact Entrepreneur. Married CEO/Founder of The InTune Mother Society. Homebirthing, breastfeeding, homeschooling, mother of four boys.

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