Why We Shop At ALDI… Letting Go of Label Whoring…


So when I thought about writing this quick blog post, I wanted to propose a challenge. To release the oppression of label whoring. Particularly where our food is concerned. Let’s face it… I love the underdog… I am no stranger to the road less traveled. I guess this is why I have become accustomed to not being attracted to labels, as much as I am attracted, to what makes me feel good. Yet often times we get in the bed with these highly visibly branded corporations and don’t know who we are really sleeping with. Like a bad relationship, we stay with them, with the idea that we don’t have other options.

Well I’m here to tell you that it is time to get out of the bed, with the deceptive intelligence of major household brands.

I am not just advocating as a consumer, but as a mother with 3 children… A mother who has been on food stamps… A mother with children who are sensitive to synthetic color dyes (Well most children and and adults are they just don’t know the overarching symptoms of chemical intolerance)… The truth is most of the time, we just go with the flow because, it is easier than meeting resistance. Or being labeled as a person who is poor and unable to afford “major named brand products.”

It wasn’t until one of my good girl friends took me grocery shopping at ALDI. As an adult on public assistance, I was not ashamed… Yet I did not want to relive my childhood either. I was no stranger to being from a family who experienced economic hardship. It wasn’t until that day, I realized the shame I had as a little girl… The exact thing that made me see the benefits of struggling. At the time, my husband and I did not have a car, we had small children, and we were struggling entrepreneurs. No matter how little the pay or frustrating the experience, we learned the value of having more options, even when it appeared we had less.

Just for today, I want to show you two things I have learned, in just one purchase, in this blog post. With the latest GOOD NEWS of Aldi’s commitment to better quality ingredients at a economical price, I am extremely excited to share this with you.

#1 How much we can save when we explore ALL of our options?

#2 How spending more for name brands can be misleading regarding better quality.

Seeing Is Believing.

In these 5 images I want you the reader to observe the ingredients in the products first. Then to see how much you spend on a simple box of breakfast cereal at ALDI compared to Walmart. Last I want you to simply observe your wallet and determine how much you would save on the purchase between Fruit Rounds vs. Froot Loops.


In conclusion of this observation, I want you to comment and share this tid bit of information with your tribe. Remember this post is NOT about shaming… This post IS about building awareness…

***NOTE This is an image of a personal purchase that I made last week. 

Fruit Rounds Ingredients
Fruit Rounds Ingredients
Fruit Rounds
Fruit Rounds Cereal
The Price Of Fruit Rounds at Aldi
The Price Of Fruit Rounds at ALDI

Froot Loops

The Price of Froot Loops at Walmart
The Price of Froot Loops at Walmart


If you are anything like me… A saving of $2.80 means two more boxes of cereal… 

#BLABThat as a part of our #Homebirth2Homeschool platform we are sold on the power of child centered investment. It is safe to say that we are a PBS kind of family…

For us… This begins with acknowledging how well we identify, with the needs of our children, our tribe, our community, and then the world at large.


We are a 100% parent led organization, by a husband and wife team of grassroots social entrepreneurs. We strive to maintain a free thinking environment that supports our artistic passions and goals to build our social welfare organization. And because we do everything from home. (i.e.) Homebirth, homeschool, and even work-from-home online, we really value our family life. We enjoy traveling, performing arts, and quality time with our 3 sons. The fact that we are social entrepreneurs, we are focused on community building for a living. It is an experience that we aim to share with our core group of 3000 individuals across the globe. We dream in color and often remember the visions vividly. We set our intentions, these become our goals and we believe in our power to see them manifest. So stay connected to our website and let us know if we inspired you with any of our content… Also feel free to gift us with a colorful DONATION in support to keep our mission going.



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Social Impact Entrepreneur. Married CEO/Founder of The InTune Mother Society. Homebirthing, breastfeeding, homeschooling, mother of four boys.

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