I AM Complete 


Opening one door is as easy as closing another. For the past 30 days we have learned how to treat ourselves with more respect and kindness in this 30 Day Kegel Challenge. Along with this challenge came an abundance of anxiety, fear, and expectancy. I had to forgive my self on day 28 because, I was ready to call it quits. To just close the group I had created and continue to just do me. But something clicked. I am doing this for me. I am doing this for those who are afraid. For those who are looking for solutions to the madness in hyper-sexuality. Those who complain about relationship drama. Even those who FEEL LIKE THEY ARE THE SHIT! These are the ones who I can create an audience for. An audience that, NO MATTER WHAT, can see me committed and striving to usher them into the creativity of my world. 

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Relationships, Sexual behavior, and Spirituality have been a long time research of mines. This challenge was totally inspired by the desire to create more forgiveness, discipline, accountability, and emotional responsibility, to those who struggle within these areas. I remember struggling. Wanting to be loved by a man, who I thought I loved. I mean, he was my first. At least the first man who I gave consent to touch me. I was the last of my friends to become sexually active at age 17. I needed to know that I was not what my mother would say, “young, dumb, and full of cum.”  Well I was to a certain degree. That is why that relationship lasted over 5 years and the love was fleeting. We both came from toxic backgrounds that would make it hard to succeed. As much as I would have wanted the fairytale of my first being my last, I later learned that my life was not designed with that storyline. So I began my self-directed research on why that relationship failed and what I learned was SO deep that it led me to The University of Hard Knocks. Not only was I more equipped for future relationships, I became more aware of my own weaknesses and fallacies. I became aware that I was responsible for attracting the type of relationships that I found myself in. Not all were bad, but I could see the patterns. And for that I am thankful for the breath of life surrounding me. The trust that I had in my ancestors to lead me to my best self so that I could reconnect to Him. The man who my magnetic body was designed for.




Over this past 30 days we walked through the journey of the root chakra, using the power of yoga and 30 of The 42 Laws of Maat. We chose to launch this challenge as part of a bigger project, “The Magnetic Vagina™.” I know that when you hear those words together, “ALL KINDS OF STUFF” falls out of the mind. Some people may even find themselves in opposition, but that is exactly what this project is about. To make you get uncomfortable with the bullshit that we ALLOW to penetrate us with or without permission. To make you be accountable for what you expect out of your human experiences and valued relationships. To find that place where you can speak life over your experiences, until you reach a point of unconscious success. This research is designed to help me and my tribe get a better idea of how various groups identify with the sexual norm and contextual terms around intentional reproductive behaviors.


What my team observed was people wanting to talk about certain parts of sexuality and forgo the parts of sacredness. What does this mean? It was also quite interesting to see the pain that many people sustain about the power they possess in their innate magnetism. At the same time, how so many were so reserved that they were reluctant to even introduce themselves. To talk about their transparencies, and desired connections. As we prepare to shift into PHASE II… of The Magnetic Vagina Project… We ask that you share a brief testimonial about the experiences you have observed over these past 30 days.

Because this challenge was totally “self-directed,” your input will help us build an understanding of the benefits of having such dialogue.

We ask that you share:
☛ Your observed benefits
☛ Your observations of struggle
☛ Your interpretations of experiences.


In this we conclude with deeper intentions and goals surrounding family centered empowerment.

In that… I AM Complete …

To submit your testimony please contact us at www.timcenter.org/contact-us



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Social Impact Entrepreneur. Married CEO/Founder of The InTune Mother Society. Homebirthing, breastfeeding, homeschooling, mother of four boys.

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