Go The Distance Challenge

​Since everyone is doing some kind of challenge… 

I got another one. Last month we did the #30DayKegelChallenge to strengthen our pelvic floor. 

This month we will #GoTheDistance 


November 17th, 2016

We will launch our 14 day 3K #GoTheDistance Challenge.

Why 14 days?
After a woman has her cycle she has 14 days to prepare for ovulation. This is the most opportune time to talk more about what you WANT to create in this life. Use this highly magnetic energy to reproduce. Not just babies. Go deeper. You can reproduce yourself too. Feel free to resist this notion. 

3K in distance is about 1.86 miles. This is roughly 5280 feet, which is about 14 blocks. 

In this Challenge… I am asking you to “Go The Distance”. JOIN with me on a journey to hike “14 Blocks”

14 Blocks

♾ Go The Distance to accept your own power.
♾ Go The Distance to be honest with yourself. 
♾ Go The Distance to trust your own intuition.
♾ Go The Distance to feel good about life.

♾ Go The Distance to seek out your best self. 

♾ Go The Distance to challenge yourself to change.

♾ Go The Distance to take time for yourself.

♾ Go The Distance to remove old scarcity-driven ways.

♾ Go The Distance to make decisions out of love.

♾ Go The Distance to create accountability.

♾ Go The Distance to honor the power of the Divine Feminine.

♾ Go The Distance to honor the power of the Divine Masculine.

♾ Go The Distance to honor the way we build community.

♾ Go The Distance to accept the charge of responsibility for your truth.

This is YOUR time to hit the reset button. In 14 days you can be so magnetic that you are able to conceive a whole new level of service to self and kind. 

Won’t you do it for YOU?


Comment below and tell us what you are focused on as we Go The Distance. 

Published by RaShaunda Lugrand

Social Impact Entrepreneur. Married CEO/Founder of The InTune Mother Society. Homebirthing, breastfeeding, homeschooling, mother of four boys.

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