Why A Culture Keeper? 

​For the first 5 days of Black History Month I wanted to share with you women who inspired me to be great and passionate about creating a synergistic balance in the culture of birth work and community centered wellness. 
Being a BirthKeeper means you are also a Culture Keeper… This is the steaming pot of social identity and mental health. 
So, over the next 328 days + (1095 days or 3 years to be exact) I will be laser focused on implementation of these legacy systems. It is my goal to make sure that we celebrate the best parts of our culture. It is not enough to begin with overcoming the trauma of the slave generation.   
Our DNA as people of color is riddled with this story 365 days a year. 

It is time to shift the multigenrational social and cultural concentration to one of healing and the necessary deep self-care that it takes to be better. 
Better as a person. Better as a people. Better as a community. Better as a Culture.
Our legacy begins in the cosmos. So how dare we limit ourselves to the point of view shown to us here in America. I am a proud citizen of the United States… Not because American culture is so great… But because I have always been here. My roots do not begin with the innovation of slavery. My heart and mind by way of my ancestors were here before colonization. 
… I will remember Amexam/Northwest Africa. I will remember Turtle Island… And I will not apologize for it. So that my children will know that we are conscious of who we are. And who we have always been… knowing that we are not inferior because, “We are Black History.” ⚫✴♾♛
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Published by RaShaunda Lugrand

Social Impact Entrepreneur. Married CEO/Founder of The InTune Mother Society. Homebirthing, breastfeeding, homeschooling, mother of four boys.

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