Youth Culture Keepers Camp 2017

Two Sets of Notes–

What happens when a child is given the wrong information about who they are… The generation parishes…

In our upcoming Youth Culture Keepers Camp, we are taking our participants on a fun and interactive journey through culturally centered literature, art, and community.

What are you waiting on to plant your seed in our upcoming 5 Day Culture Keepers Camp? 
What will your seed experience:
***Yoga and Meditation to bring focus, discipline, and clarity
***The Oral Tradition of Storytelling  to bring culture and eldership
***The Benefits of Communal Literacy to show the power of community through language and dialogue. 
And much much more…. 
One gift that can save any child’s life is the gift of reading… Particularly Black children. In addition, not only will reading save their lives, what they read will directly impact how they integrate themselves into society. If a child only reads stories that does not foster positive images of themselves, the child becomes uninterested in the foundational points of learning…. Which begins with learning how to read. 
Not learning how to read includes an emphasis on the negative school experiences of Black students, as well as statistics on the academic performance of the Black student population. Strategic tools to help educators and parents address the unique needs of Black students and ways of engaging parents to support the academic progress of their children are included in our 5 Day Youth Culture Keeper’s Camp. 
Underachievement is one of the most potent weapons that many Black students use to express their displeasure with the public school system. Let us help your student get a head start this school year…. 
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Social Impact Entrepreneur. Married CEO/Founder of The InTune Mother Society. Homebirthing, breastfeeding, homeschooling, mother of four boys.

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