Redesigning Birth Work For The Future

At The InTune Mother Society we believe every family, neighborhood, church, community, and employer should have a designated person(s) or staff who is knowledgeable of how to tend to the cycles of life in a traditional and sustainable way.

This is the real economy.

When we opened our brick and mortar Holistic Family Planning Center Beehive Birth Consulting we did so with a purpose.

Owner of Beehive Birth Consulting

Our goal is to make sure that EVERY teen, woman, family, and veteran has access to our Sustainble systems of care. This was especially important for us when supporting underrepresented childbearing families in the Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. We identify with the FACT that having access to culturally specific care is life saving and transformational when it comes to the childbirth continuum.

This meant recruiting, training, and employing women from various community demographics to participate in an Earn and Serve business model that I learned from the tutelage of Nikia Michelle, Founder of The Natual Way Birthing Project. In doing so, we are expanding to launch our new Perinatal Wellness Agency. With the help of Commonsense Childbirth Inc, Groundswell Fund, HealthConnect One,

In order to recover from the set backs of COVID and really impact the community in a sustainable way, we had to pivot in a BIG way. So, we partnered with the Oklahoma Department of Labor and developed a 12-month (2144 hour) community based Perinatal Wellness Apprenticeship program that begins with reprogramming the way we identify with the valuation and landscape of Perinatal Community Health Workers in Oklahoma. We have built a pathway to provide an innovative model of care that will provide a thriving career path and sustainable vocation in community-based perinatal health with the help of partners of The National Perinatal Task Force.

All apprenticeship completers who participate in our 1-year program earn a national, industry-recognized credential with a special focus on our (4P+) Care model.

We are looking to hire (5) dedicated staff members who have an interest in supporting childbearing families. Applications will be available soon to register for our Spring pre-apprenticship program beginning Sunday, March 21, 2021.

Learn more about our Sustainable programs at the link below and join us on our mission to make Holistic Family Planning accessible for all.

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