InTune Mother School of Perinatal Health

A Community-Based Approach to Holistic Birth Work

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in supporting childbearing families in your community?

My name is RaShaunda Lugrand and I am the Founder of The InTune Mother Society. We are a 501c3 Charitable Health Organization that provides innovative outreach and capacity-building programming to serve the Black and Indigenous childbearing community in a sustainable and ecological way.

This Winter, I am inviting you to participate in a 3-day (12-hour) Holistic Birth Work Provider workshop to help community-based birth work providers create a deeper connection to the way they show up in their communities.

Workshop includes:


+ 36 Page PDF Workbook

+ 5 Page Holistic Birth Worker Business Plan Template

+ A Certificate of Completion

+ 4 Additional Hours of 1:1 Mentoring

We will also share collective ANTI-RACIST practices that aim to impact and transform the consequences of oppression to the culture, heritage, traditions, bodies, hearts, and minds of Afro-Indigenous people in North America and the world. This is a time where we are providing space to explore intervention that moves us from a place of isolation to a place of liberation as community-based care providers for childbearing families.

We believe we can imprint a new mindset through educating the birth work community on what I like to call “The Streams of Reproductive Consciousness.” These streams are:

A Theory of Ecological Human Development

+ Conscious Conception

+ Conscious Childbirth

+ Conscious Childrearing

The InTune Mother School of Perinatal Health teaches that it is the right of every birthing family to have culturally rooted support and education from people who live in their own communities that have the tools and skills to help them navigate preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, and the parenting continuum throughout their reproductive life cycle.

Many of the families you will serve will be in our own backyard and we recognize the need for continuity of care by acknowledging the primal continuum of human development. Our program offers those who participate a glimpse into the mindset of a Bio-Cultural Anthropologist who is building capacity and equitable opportunities through the promotion of community-based workforce innovation.

Requirements for Interested Participants

🌳 Be 18 or older

🌳 Identify yourself as a Black or Indigenous community member or an ally

🌳 Able to access required workshop materials

🌳 Have a cell phone

🌳 Have a computer or tablet and internet access for email communication and the online portion of the workshop

🌳 Commit to a complete the full 12-hour workshop in addition to 1 year of continuous practice of new skills

🌳 Sign a photo release form, and confidentiality agreement, and submit a letter of commitment.

Overview of the workshop
This (3-day) VIRTUAL community-based workshop is for anyone who wants to make a difference in the way families access community-based options. Whether you are already a birth work provider or in the maternal and child health field, working for an organization or institution that wants to increase its social impact regarding Anti-racist practices that support historically excluded communities, or just starting out on a new career path, this training opportunity will take you on a journey of exploring the complex problems that surround us and how to start thinking about solutions through social art practice and healing justice for childbearing communities that look like you.

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This community-based workshop will debunk common assumptions around what resources are needed to begin taking ACTION as a social innovator for the community-based promotion of Holistic Birth Work and overall well-being as a provider. Together we will learn from the numerous traumas associated with reproductive health stories that make up our personal understanding of starting a community-based practice. You will be challenged to get out of your comfort zone and start engaging with the deeper spaces of the environment around you. By the end of the workshop, you will have formed a collective approach to holistic health innovation through TEKnology-based education. Thus you will develop the concepts, mindset, skills, and relationships that will enable you to sustain a movement and evolve as a community-based, birth work provider, and social change maker.

Join Us Today!
Think you’re ready to join us in improving birth for mothers and babies in your community? Submit your application to join our Holistic Birth Worker Workshop through The InTune Mother Society. We look forward to building with you.



All enrollments are non-refundable. You may pay it forward and offer your seat to another person as a gift or sell it.

***If you wish to host, sponsor, or contract with us for a LIVE IN PERSON 3 to 5-day workshop in your community (A minimum of 5 participants are necessary for travel inside the state of Oklahoma) Ask about our rates for non-profit organizations with less than a $1 million dollar budget.

***There is a 10-participant minimum for out-of-state travel to host a 3 to 5-day training workshop. The above rate does not apply to out-of-state travel and may vary by region.

Thank you for your interest in joining this workshop led by The InTune Mother Society®️


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