PRESS RELEASE: The InTune Mother Project Launches IHOP – The International House of Poetry




The TIM Center

432 NW 11th St

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103

Phone: 405-600-5989

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RaShaunda Lugrand

Phone: 405-795-3733

Location, Date: The TIM Center  invites Oklahoma City and surrounding areas to join us at our First Friday Fundraisers at “The International House of Poetry” beginning August 4, 2017 from 7p-10p through December 2017 at The TIM Center in the Sugar Loaf Lounge. RSVP and Poets can register online at

The International House of Poetry is a spoken word showcase that will feature local, national and international poets while benefiting The Intune Mother Project. There will be an open mic, food and drinks available by Cafe Do Brasil one of the event sponsors.

The TIM Center is a non profit, 21st century family wellness center. Where it is the goal of The InTune Mother Project – via The TIM Center, to raise awareness to aid in the the reduction of health related disparities among all people, yet without withholding special focus on the needs of the childbearing community, beginning with people of color. We are a designated Perinatal Safe Spot, designed with an innovate approach to perinatal health, reproductive justice, and community development.

Media contact:

RaShaunda Lugrand

Phone: 405-795-3733



Expanding Our Scope of CARE

CBD – Green Pain Relief

Dear TIM Community,

In the world of pain management we have new options. Well, the options are old, but now we have a new found connection to their benefits. There is a revolution occurring in the drug therapy world. The lowly hemp plant – so famous for strong rope in the days before nylon and Dacron – is surfacing as nature’s very potent anti-inflammatory. This is promising news for many of those suffering from diseases with inflammation as their root cause. Control the inflammation and the symptoms, as well as the suffering, go away.

Enter Pure-Cannaceutical Hemp Oil Products, a legal dietary supplement by Can-Tek Lab’s in Oklahoma City. Pure-Cannaceutical products are Pharmaceutical Grade Dietary Supplements containing hemp oil derived from the whole medicinal hemp plant, which delivers healthful benefits, without the psychoactive or “high” effect associated with this type of botanical. There is ZERO THC in Pure-Cannaceutical products so urine drug test screens are negative and this product is safe for those with THC allergies. This makes it an appealing option for patients looking for relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, spasms, and other conditions without disconcerting feelings of lethargy or dysphoria some experience from High THC Cannabis.

Pure-Cannaceutical Hemp Oil Tinctures contain at least 65% CBD – the highest natural amount of CBD of any supplier in the world. The Hemp Oil Oral Tinctures are light, oily liquids that are to be delivered orally by dropper and come in a variety of strengths. The CBD Oral Spray is for intermittent use when feeling particularly stressed or anxious throughout the day. The Hemp Balm and Hemp Salve are both for topical use. The Hemp Balm is applied to painful areas and the Hemp Salve is perfect for rashes or wounds like shingles or psoriasis. There are over 30 examples of health conditions we found that show benefit from CBD use including ADHD, arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, MS, Chronic Pain, PTSD, depression, osteoporosis, epilepsy, and more.

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All The Sh!t I Didn’t Get Done In 2016

What Up TIM Tribe?!?!

So I recently started following this swanky stylist chick Hilary Rushford, and she is so on point for me right now. Part of my reason for this post was inspired by her. Like she intuitively created a message for me to share with you tonight…

I woke up this morning thinking about ALLLLL the sh!t that I didn’t get done in 2016.

So in turn– This is how the Universe works.

–I got an email from Hilary that talked something about the shame + failure that she felt for stuff she didn’t get done in 2016… So since she shared hers with me… I am going to share some of mines with you!

What did you NOT do this year because you weren’t on your sh!t?

I am going to be extremely transparent here because, ultimately I did get a lot done… But I could have managed my time sooooooo much better. And I felt like sh!t for not getting it done.

So here is my sh!t list:

I didn’t stick to my plan to create a series of videos.

I didn’t finish our new website.

I didn’t complete the editing of my book.

I didn’t start (1) mastermind group.

I didn’t create any passive income.

I didn’t focus on my homeschool families.

I didn’t complete my Hypnotherapist Certification I started a year ago.

I didn’t finish my HIGHLY ANTICIPATED Album.

I didn’t raise $100,000 for Phase II of our perinatal health worker project.


The list can go on and on, but I will stop here.


As we prepare to walk in to 2017 Like A BOSS, we are observing space and time to make sure that we manage our projects with deeper intention this time.


So how are we going to do that right?


How do we make more time for Magnetic sh!t to happen in 2017?

The InTune Mother Team has been working hard to answer this question for a minute until we took some advice from the wonderful Aprille Franks Hunt to plan a quarter at a time. 

After I attended the webinar I was like, this is easy. I can do THIS… And I did. I created my vision board and loaded up my calendar to make sure that I moved with passion and purpose as a transformational and inspirational entrepreneur– 

Plus hosting our year end training and spending 5 passion filled days with some AMAZING change agents… I am super pumped about 2017. Because 2016 was a beast… And I’s tired BOSS

So in ALL HUMILITY, I am excited about the wonders of what 2017 has to offer our small organization, as we continue to be transparent, and creatively adaptive, with our family centered mission.

2017 Means More Freedom. And. More Self Care. And. More Family Time.

This is a totally different approach. SO– when you see me working my UNAPOLOGETIC BLACK GIRL MAGIC–

I AM taking more time to do what I love for me. What makes me feel good. What makes ME happy.  And that is being creative.

In 2017 I will Complete:

Complete my Hypnotherapist Certification 

Complete content for profitable online courses and workshops

Complete user-friendly homeschool platform 

Complete INNATE Certification

Complete plans to launch Birth Worker Retreat

Complete plans for out of the country travel with family

Complete the purchase a few plots of land

Complete my book AND (The Black Plague Project)

Complete booking for high paying teaching performances

Complete 6-Figure revenue goal


Because I am honest with myself, I know that I have to get more structure about my personal and business life.  So I am naming 2017 as my Gap Year… By doing so, I am inviting you to join me as an accountability partner to #GoTheDistance in 2017! Come check in with me on Periscope @The_InTune_Mother 

As I take you on a journey inside of The Original Mother… Into The Power of  TheMagnetic Vagina where we will focus on holding sacred space for 2017.


Hey I Got BIG Goals and I KNOW You Do Too!

So what do you want to manifest in 2017? NOT hope to do… But get that sh!t done!!! 

With the right MAGNETIC blueprint, you can’t loose.

Be a part of the Magnetic Vagina Masterclass… The door is open…




Growing Up In 2015!


Have you just simply outgrown your belief systems, but you’d rather stay in an uncomfortable place? It is okay to learn new ways to think. Most of us have been taught that we can only access 10% of our brain, but what if we began to expand outside of what we have known? Most of us only believe what we have been taught to think, feel, be… etc…

I was told that I had small hips and would not be able to give birth to my oldest son vaginally. Many women are fed that same story line… But my belief was different. I believed the Creator put baby inside me via my husband, whatever the size, baby would figure how to get itself out.

I lived with the thoughts of my own mothers birth horror story for so long, that once I became pregnant, I refused to relive her experience, through my own birth. I wanted to own my experience. So I worked on my vision of birth and I created the exact experience I wanted, and my husband, sacredly held that space for me. With each birth the power became more and more evident. Now together, my husband and I help other families, hold the creative space for the birth experience they want to have.

That is why TIM launched the #HAPPY2015 New Year campaign. We are so much more than a team of hyper focused childbirth consultants. We are professional game changers. And because we know righ now, there is a mental attact on the way childbirth is viewed — We believe NOW is the best time get intune, and to forgive yourself for letting others think for you. This kind of thinking doesn’t even require 10% of the proposed brain power that we are taught we to have access to.

It’s really simple…

Remember when you were a baby, traveling down the birth canal? There was padding an bumpers along the way, so you couldn’t just fall out of the vagina? Remember how safe you were? You were closest with God than any other time in your life. You could not read, nor write, nor were you speaking words —

But now with all the flimsy, plastic, radicalized, sterile, notions of coming into life, and what and how we should believe — Somehow we lost the connection to intute from our true mental environment.

Reality is false.

Time is draining.

And Matter…

Matter is… a fragile, yet tangible system, that many of us have to grow into, yet afraid to put on a size bigger for fear of looking or feeling the awkwardness of falling down.

But one thing is clear as the day that you were born…

One day you will shift. One day you will grow.

–And this growth will either come through wisdom or through woe. Its totally up to what your belief is around who you are that determines how you will birth.


The InTune Mother Is About Intuitive Childbirth Empowerment

Here at The InTune Mother, we take on a holistic, spiritual, NON-MEDICAL approach to childbirth that empowers the mother and partner of the unborn baby from a communal standpoint.

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