Who is TIM?

The InTune Mother Project is a culturally centered perinatal wellness project. We are focused on connecting families with holistic approaches to wellness, through culturally centered support services as a way to reduce the many contributing factor that create barriers to accessible perinatal health care.

We Grow Humans — We exist to improve the health and wellness of families in underserved communities through innovative perinatal health services and education.

We exist to improve the health and wellness of families in underserved communities through innovative approaches to prenatal, childbirth and postpartum health services through the intersections of birth, environment, and healing justice.

We Grow Families — We offer case management and educational opportunities to address natural, holistic health options for families throughout the perinatal stages.

We offer health and wellness services to families in underserved communities through our innovative approach to perinatal health.

We believe that childbirth is humanity’s Rites of Passage, beginning with EVERY childbearing family having equitable access to a healthy lifestyle experiences.

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And as a Core Committee Chair for the BirthKeeper Social Justice and Language Inclusion Committee, TIM supports The Primal Continuum of Human Development.

DISCLAIMER ***We reserve the right to offer our services to a diverse group of individuals through our private membership basis who are seeking customized support during their pregnancy, childbirth, and/or postpartum experience. We are spiritual non-medical practitioners, consultants, philanthropists, and healthy lifestyle advocates, who works to creatively educate families about their right to choose and experience the magically transformational childbirth outcome they envision. By holding the sacred space for their vision in autonomous authority through supported human rights.GET InTune~ The TIM Family

Meet our sustainability partners:

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