Become A TIM Volunteer

Why Volunteer With TIM

When you understand the concept of community, you know that it is the most empowering part in the evolution of human existence. In becoming a part of TIM Center’s community initiative, we want to work with families, community groups, and like-minded organizations to create meaningful, impacting, and empowering experiences. That is where your help will grow as a community advocate or activist. We assume you want to volunteer with us because you share our passion for social change. Human rights is of great importance to us and the balance of equality across all cultures, races, classes and genders. Our volunteers seek to make a difference in these issues, and our primary goal is to match your interests and talents with the organization’s needs in order to further the advancement of a poverty free environment for all vulnerable populations.

Who Are The Volunteers

The individuals who volunteer at the TIM Center play an integral role in the empowerment of women, men, and children through service, education, and advocacy. We depend on volunteers to spread awareness of this important community health resource, as a place that works continuously to improve healthcare outcomes, by providing social equality, innovative concepts, and community education. Our active volunteer force is well-trained in our concepts, so you will be knowledgeable enough to carry out effective and meaningful projects into the community. Understanding that education and knowledge are essential to an individual’s ability to make positive decisions, our volunteers dedicate their time to help assure that all have access to these opportunities and rights.

Community Mission

We are excited and grateful to have new programs and organizations joining our committed team! Get energized as you acquire new skills, such as advocating for social justice, women’s right to birth, community planning, special events coordination, and recruiting new activists. Most importantly, we hope you encounter meaningful learning experiences so that you are able to find a unique way to contribute to the mission of protecting and advancing health care and education in vulnerable communities.

Ready to get started, request our online volunteer application!

Get Involved

Please contact the community engagement coordinator at 405-352-2522 or email us at: for more information about volunteering.

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