Meet The Founders

Melvin and RaShaunda Lugrand, are the proud parents of three boys, ages ten, eight, and four-years-old. Together they have learned that childbirth is a natural non medical event. Mothers and babies are a team working towards the same innate outcome– to be born healthy and safely. Their goal is to create a space that is grassroots, community centered, operated by supportive, intune, members, who honor the father, mother, baby in a unique and deliberate way. Melvin and RaShaunda run a wellness business that provides a service to families in a creative, empowering, and innovative environment. They feel that Oklahoma lacks the services they offer, thus providing them an excellent opportunity to utilize their expertise and experience in childbirth wellness and business management at the same time, while continuing to exercise their passions as social entrepreneurs, homeschool educators, creative parents.

The timing is right for The InTune Mother Project. It is determined to provide families with healthier childbirth and parenting outcomes, in a totally undisturbed, free thinking, online, and offline environment. The mothers and their families, will receive a full range of services with natural, free-thinking childbirth classes, parenting classes, breastfeeding support groups, postpartum groups, and early childhood education (homeschool) groups just to name a few. All women are in search of better childbirth outcomes for their babies and peace of mind for themselves and their families. With a dedicated team, they can help families identify their options.

Melvin and RaShaunda have what it takes to develop a community of culturally sound and empowered families successfully. They will count on their experience and growing reputation to exceed their expectations while continuously establishing an active membership of community educators, birth workers, mothers, fathers, and InTune families across the globe.

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