We are glad to offer resources to the community such as beauty services, massage, yoga, and events that offer information about what a safe perinatal experience is, how to get started, education, and legislative information. Our ultimate goal is to open the first freestanding Black owned community wellness center in Midtown Oklahoma City. The TIM center as a home-like setting where beauty professionals, holistic service providers, and volunteers, provide family-centered care to encourage healthy families.

We are excited to also be providing creative concept education, lectures, webinars, seminars, and community events. On this page we will be listing some of the local and non-local resources that we are aware of that are in alignment with our vision.

Community Midwifery Services 

Sista Midwife Productions

The Matrona 

INNATE Traditions 

Commonsense Childbirth Inc

Keep checking back as there is more information being added everyday.

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