The Intune Mother Project – TIM… Is not just about saving Black mothers & babies, social entrepreneurship, or offering the community health services. What we are about, is saving the spirit of family through the collectivity of a conscious humanity. The difference between what we are doing and what has been done, is finding theContinue reading “SOCIAL MEDIA NITECAP:”

I Choose You…

We put in work… It is not invisible… It is not disposable… It is energy that travels at the speed of light. Light needs no medium… Light is consistent and in forever motion… The currency of light is balanced by the value of what you see… Is it real… Is it reality… Reality is whatContinue reading “I Choose You…”

Radical Birthwork as an Act of Resistance

Midwives play an important role in healthy outcomes for mother and infant. As a woman’s primary health provider, midwives have traditionally cared for all aspects of a woman’s reproductive well-being. Many of us are not aware or have been kept unaware that midwives are an option and, in many cases, a much more holistic andContinue reading “Radical Birthwork as an Act of Resistance”