We Said Yes! Now You Can Too!

Yes. Our organization is deliberately focused on growing sustainsble solutions for underrepresented childbearing families.

Yes. Our organization is open to supporting the wellbeing of ALL families through the primal continuum of human development.

Yes. Our organization does welcome Non-POC to work with us in alliance for the creation of sustainable solutions that heal the wounds of the past, improve communication in the present, and impact the quality of life for future generations.

Today is December 29th, 2019 and we have made it through a very interesting year. So much so… that we are more excited about the next (10) years.

Building a legacy is a slow process.

Our motto is:

We Grow Humans

Cultivating a framework for valuation and sovereignty for the human family through healing justice.

You can help us further our mission with a contribution of any amount. Remember you still have time to make a tax-deductible donation to our organization before January 1st when you click the link below.


Make a contribution to help us support more underrepresented childbearing families


PRESS RELEASE: The InTune Mother Project Launches IHOP – The International House of Poetry




The TIM Center

432 NW 11th St

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103

Phone: 405-600-5989

Fax: 405-735-9859


RaShaunda Lugrand


Phone: 405-795-3733

Location, Date: The TIM Center  invites Oklahoma City and surrounding areas to join us at our First Friday Fundraisers at “The International House of Poetry” beginning August 4, 2017 from 7p-10p through December 2017 at The TIM Center in the Sugar Loaf Lounge. RSVP and Poets can register online at timcenter.org

The International House of Poetry is a spoken word showcase that will feature local, national and international poets while benefiting The Intune Mother Project. There will be an open mic, food and drinks available by Cafe Do Brasil one of the event sponsors.

The TIM Center is a non profit, 21st century family wellness center. Where it is the goal of The InTune Mother Project – via The TIM Center, to raise awareness to aid in the the reduction of health related disparities among all people, yet without withholding special focus on the needs of the childbearing community, beginning with people of color. We are a designated Perinatal Safe Spot, designed with an innovate approach to perinatal health, reproductive justice, and community development.

Media contact:

RaShaunda Lugrand


Phone: 405-795-3733



Youth Culture Keepers Camp 2017

Two Sets of Notes–

What happens when a child is given the wrong information about who they are… The generation parishes…

In our upcoming Youth Culture Keepers Camp, we are taking our participants on a fun and interactive journey through culturally centered literature, art, and community.

What are you waiting on to plant your seed in our upcoming 5 Day Culture Keepers Camp? 
What will your seed experience:
***Yoga and Meditation to bring focus, discipline, and clarity
***The Oral Tradition of Storytelling  to bring culture and eldership
***The Benefits of Communal Literacy to show the power of community through language and dialogue. 
And much much more…. 
One gift that can save any child’s life is the gift of reading… Particularly Black children. In addition, not only will reading save their lives, what they read will directly impact how they integrate themselves into society. If a child only reads stories that does not foster positive images of themselves, the child becomes uninterested in the foundational points of learning…. Which begins with learning how to read. 
Not learning how to read includes an emphasis on the negative school experiences of Black students, as well as statistics on the academic performance of the Black student population. Strategic tools to help educators and parents address the unique needs of Black students and ways of engaging parents to support the academic progress of their children are included in our 5 Day Youth Culture Keeper’s Camp. 
Underachievement is one of the most potent weapons that many Black students use to express their displeasure with the public school system. Let us help your student get a head start this school year…. 
#SOILLife #CultureKeepers2017 #CK2017 #SGAHomeschoolCoOp


Expanding Our Scope of CARE

CBD – Green Pain Relief

Dear TIM Community,

In the world of pain management we have new options. Well, the options are old, but now we have a new found connection to their benefits. There is a revolution occurring in the drug therapy world. The lowly hemp plant – so famous for strong rope in the days before nylon and Dacron – is surfacing as nature’s very potent anti-inflammatory. This is promising news for many of those suffering from diseases with inflammation as their root cause. Control the inflammation and the symptoms, as well as the suffering, go away.

Enter Pure-Cannaceutical Hemp Oil Products, a legal dietary supplement by Can-Tek Lab’s in Oklahoma City. Pure-Cannaceutical products are Pharmaceutical Grade Dietary Supplements containing hemp oil derived from the whole medicinal hemp plant, which delivers healthful benefits, without the psychoactive or “high” effect associated with this type of botanical. There is ZERO THC in Pure-Cannaceutical products so urine drug test screens are negative and this product is safe for those with THC allergies. This makes it an appealing option for patients looking for relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, spasms, and other conditions without disconcerting feelings of lethargy or dysphoria some experience from High THC Cannabis.

Pure-Cannaceutical Hemp Oil Tinctures contain at least 65% CBD – the highest natural amount of CBD of any supplier in the world. The Hemp Oil Oral Tinctures are light, oily liquids that are to be delivered orally by dropper and come in a variety of strengths. The CBD Oral Spray is for intermittent use when feeling particularly stressed or anxious throughout the day. The Hemp Balm and Hemp Salve are both for topical use. The Hemp Balm is applied to painful areas and the Hemp Salve is perfect for rashes or wounds like shingles or psoriasis. There are over 30 examples of health conditions we found that show benefit from CBD use including ADHD, arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, MS, Chronic Pain, PTSD, depression, osteoporosis, epilepsy, and more.

Read more at: https://maapgh.com/blog/2017/05/cbd-green-pain-relief/

Go The Distance Challenge

​Since everyone is doing some kind of challenge… 

I got another one. Last month we did the #30DayKegelChallenge to strengthen our pelvic floor. 

This month we will #GoTheDistance 


November 17th, 2016

We will launch our 14 day 3K #GoTheDistance Challenge.

Why 14 days?
After a woman has her cycle she has 14 days to prepare for ovulation. This is the most opportune time to talk more about what you WANT to create in this life. Use this highly magnetic energy to reproduce. Not just babies. Go deeper. You can reproduce yourself too. Feel free to resist this notion. 

3K in distance is about 1.86 miles. This is roughly 5280 feet, which is about 14 blocks. 

In this Challenge… I am asking you to “Go The Distance”. JOIN with me on a journey to hike “14 Blocks”

14 Blocks

♾ Go The Distance to accept your own power.
♾ Go The Distance to be honest with yourself. 
♾ Go The Distance to trust your own intuition.
♾ Go The Distance to feel good about life.

♾ Go The Distance to seek out your best self. 

♾ Go The Distance to challenge yourself to change.

♾ Go The Distance to take time for yourself.

♾ Go The Distance to remove old scarcity-driven ways.

♾ Go The Distance to make decisions out of love.

♾ Go The Distance to create accountability.

♾ Go The Distance to honor the power of the Divine Feminine.

♾ Go The Distance to honor the power of the Divine Masculine.

♾ Go The Distance to honor the way we build community.

♾ Go The Distance to accept the charge of responsibility for your truth.

This is YOUR time to hit the reset button. In 14 days you can be so magnetic that you are able to conceive a whole new level of service to self and kind. 

Won’t you do it for YOU?


Comment below and tell us what you are focused on as we Go The Distance.