Redesigning Birth Work For The Future

At The InTune Mother Society we believe every family, neighborhood, church, community, and employer should have a designated person(s) or staff who is knowledgeable of how to tend to the cycles of life in a traditional and sustainable way. This is the real economy. When we opened our brick and mortar Holistic Family Planning CenterContinue reading “Redesigning Birth Work For The Future”

We Said Yes! Now You Can Too!

Yes. Our organization is deliberately focused on growing sustainsble solutions for underrepresented childbearing families. Yes. Our organization is open to supporting the wellbeing of ALL families through the primal continuum of human development. Yes. Our organization does welcome Non-POC to work with us in alliance for the creation of sustainable solutions that heal the woundsContinue reading “We Said Yes! Now You Can Too!”

PRESS RELEASE: The InTune Mother Project Launches IHOP – The International House of Poetry

### FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF POETRY The TIM Center 432 NW 11th St Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103 Phone: 405-600-5989 Fax: 405-735-9859 RaShaunda Lugrand Phone: 405-795-3733 Location, Date: The TIM Center  invites Oklahoma City and surrounding areas to join us at our First Friday Fundraisers at “The International House of Poetry” beginningContinue reading “PRESS RELEASE: The InTune Mother Project Launches IHOP – The International House of Poetry”

Youth Culture Keepers Camp 2017

Two Sets of Notes– What happens when a child is given the wrong information about who they are… The generation parishes… In our upcoming Youth Culture Keepers Camp, we are taking our participants on a fun and interactive journey through culturally centered literature, art, and community. What are you waiting on to plant your seedContinue reading “Youth Culture Keepers Camp 2017”