Why Choose IHA®


My name is RaShaunda Lugrand and I am an Independent Perinatal Health Consultant. Some of you may be wondering what is this new service, The InTune Mother Project is offering?

IMMEDIATELY, I will tell you, “A new standard in culturally centered health care.”

We thank you for taking the time to stop by and see how this AMAZING, healthcare alternative is being offered exclusively through IHA® memberships. Becoming a member can not only empower your decision making as a provider, but also as a consumer. It is our goal to save you countless dollars in unnecessary expenses and maximize other everyday savings.

My husband and I founded The InTune Mother, LLC at the right time. We were just launching our campaign for The BOSS Method™ a networking service that assisted childbearing families, with finding equitable support services. This opportunity fell right in place with our vision of deeper service. The InTune Mother Project (TIM) is on an extraordinary mission to help families recognize the empowerment and freedom lifestyle they deserve. The IHA® company has been doing just that, since 2013. Melvin and I recognized the innovative concept of a community centered standard of care. NO restrictions, NO age limits, NO wacky paperwork, NO politics, and LOW overall costs.

As a homebirthing, homeschooling family, it came natural to us, that we should find an avenue that allowed us to work from home, while doing what we’re already passionate about, and that is: conscious conception, conscious birth, and conscious parenting.

IHA vs. Insurance

In 2012 my husband had group health insurance, with his previous employer because, we believed we needed quality health coverage. Note that we paid out over $14,000 in insurance premiums that year, which we definitely could have used for other things, especially with our 3rd child on the way. We ALL know how expensive children can be right? The worst part is that because we are healthy, we only used the insurance for preventative care. So we got smart and looked into consumer driven health care and private medical associations. We learned how we could offer our expertise to our friends and members, with a goal to offer a non-medical, to holistic wellness concepts. We DO NOT offer “doctor’s visits.” Yet and still, what we DO get to offer is extremely discounted rates, which are comparable to most wellness programs,  for a customized, culturally centered wellness experience.

So it was worth joining us? YES! Because, when my husband lost his job after the birth of our 3rd son, he and I were not able to afford the luxury of specific services (i.e., salon, yoga classes, and other wellness services). That my friends, threw us into social entrepreneurship. We created a community centered wellness plan that we are happy with for three reasons:

1.) Because of the private membership benefits.

2.) Because we can spend more time building culturally centered services.

3.) Because we can help other families create an affordable holistic lifestyle plan.

The Vision

Our vision is to assist diverse families with an innovative service that will not only provide them with adequate hair care alternatives, but also give them a voice in to create an environment designed as a sustainable solution for nature-based family planning.

When we see a young family, we want then to have the most tailored and empowering experience they can. This is from the practitioners they chooses, to the way they wear their hair and educate their children about positive self image. Most families do not have medical coverage, let alone dental and vision. So it is important to us that every family we service, have proper access to resources during such vulnerable times because, of the sensitivities that many families experience throughout their childbearing years, many preventable disparities manifest.

We strive to educate our members and providers within our network, on the importance of partnering with our collective, and how this communally driven concept will help to serve women and their families at a greater capacity. By choosing to become members (clients) and (providers) within the IHA® network, you are taking and evolutionary leap into the innovative world of holistic health and community centered wellness.

We are looking at expanding access to health care for women and families across the world as a highly cost-effective measure that has proven results, and which could in itself reduce the numbers of health disparities by a third. Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of infant and maternal deaths among the 50 states, according to public health officials here. The Healthy People 2020 Goal is no more than 11.4 maternal deaths per 100,000 births. Currently in Oklahoma the maternal mortality rate from 2003-2007 was 27.0 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births.

In addition, there is a particular need for investment in reproductive health education for the millions of women who live in the urban and rural areas of Oklahoma. Many of these are young women, never have a chance to fulfill their potential, because they become pregnant too early. All too often, they lack access to adequate education and health care during pregnancy and at the time of birth. As a result, numerous women die in pregnancy or childbirth each year, making maternal death the most common cause of death for women between 19 and 34 years old, namely in the African American community.

Often, a high prevalence of maternal death reflects the low status of women in a society, but this has also proven false. As women in affluent economic positions also experience adversities during the perinatal period, particularly in the African American community. With greater access to high-impact, reproductive education, girls and women will be empowered to be the INTUNE to their reproductive experiences, while contributing to the economic and social development of a new childbearing society.

As educated, deeply connected people, they will be more likely to invest in the health and education of their own children, thus empowering future generations as well. Empowered young people, women and others can beat the poverty trap, propel national development, and ensure a more sustainable future for the world.

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If you would like more information as to how you can benefit from becoming an IHA® provider and help us further our mission in assisting in the reduction of unplanned/unwanted pregnancy through culturally centered education and non-medical holistic support services CLICK HERE .


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