How You Can Contribute

Check out the various ways that you can contribute gifts to the InTune Mother Project.

The Short Version

The InTune Mother Salon and Community Wellness Spa, a eco-friendly community wellness center for every women, man, and childbearing family. We are women-led, women run, and minority-owned. Your contributions will help us bring our culturally-centered project of equitable, toxic-free, and socially inclusive salon services to the childbearing community.


A Cut Above The Rest

My name is RaShaunda Lugrand and I’m the owner and founder of The InTune Mother Project a fiscally sponsored 501 (c)(3) project of The National Perinatal Task Force through Commonsense Childbirth INC, a perinatal health and wellness training platform. The purpose of this project is to create a safe space for the childbearing family to work strategically as a community to organize for social impact. I am originally from Indianapolis, IN, by way of Arizona and Georgia, now residing in beautiful Oklahoma City, OK (My husbands hometown). Last year was a big year for our grassroots, social welfare organization. We traveled to engage in organizational empowerment work, we attended trainings, conferences, and workshops, we even hosted several community centered certification trainings in our home in hopes to create more diversity in the birth work community in Oklahoma. It wasn’t until the last training with Rachelle Garcia Seliga of INNATE Postpartum that my vision for this project became clear. I could finally see how to truly engage the childbearing community in a way that was familiar and necessary.

Over the years, I learned from my own experiences and by working with various community activists, organizers, and grassroots organizations about the deep rooted issues surrounding the needs of the African American childbearing community. As a passion driven, curly-headed, beauty professional, who has been in the industry for over 18 years, I feel that within our team, we have found the connection to help reduce disparities in perinatal care to clinic location. My personal connection to birth work and the networking power of the beauty industry is what has inspired me to be unapologetically courageous to take responsibility to do something different.

The concept behind The InTune Mother Salon was a collaborative effort between a husband and wife team and a few good friends: RaShaunda Lugrand, a celebrity stylist who styled some of the industry’s best athletes and entertainers, and Melvin Lugrand, an operations, marketing, and customer service guru. The couple joined forces with Black Fruit International and MAAThought Wombmyns Health to project a shared vision of minority led business and the success of cooperative partnership. The InTune Mother Salon is a flagship location in the upcoming Midtown area of Oklahoma City. The salon’s fresh, innovative model is unprecedented in its ability to provide you with an all-inclusive culturally centered experience for multiple textures of hair and other wellness needs.


Writing On The Wall

When I first approached my husband with the idea of The InTune Mother Project, I wanted to operate as a grassroots social welfare organization. We would be focused on education in underserved communities through simple referrals and support services. We had no idea that it would grow into what it has become. We believe that all women should have access to equitable reproductive wellness programs. These programs need to be rooted in what is familiar to in way of environment and culture.

Healthy Hair. Healthy Mind. Healthy Body. Healthy Community.


Social inclusivity: The InTune Mother Salon & Community Wellness Spa, we believe that self-care is not just a luxury, but a necessity to well being. We promote the idea that health and beauty should be for everyone… meaning women, men, children, and elders. We stand for eco-friendly products that are ZERO impact and biodegradable all the way down to our paperless enrollment process.

We Grow Humans: One Membership At A Time

Why Co-Op: We are excited to not only offer our services as a membership base platform, but also that we have created a hybrid-business model for long-term sustainability for those who work with our company. We offer more than hair, mind, and body services, but social and emotional, and financial impact as well. Our worker-cooperative is designed with income equality in mind. We care about the way childbearing families are treated in cultural communities because, we too, are peers of the community that we seek to serve. Most of the time in the salon environment, children are not welcome, nor is the environment toxic-free. We want families of various types to come to our center, not as the alternative, yet as the standard resource for community centered self-care, and wellness management.


What We Need & What You Get

This is our first fundraiser for this project. We are only asking for the bare minimum amount of money to help us get pass the opening phase. Your contributions will go towards finalizing legal contracts, product inventory, basic furniture, equipment, advertisements, and finishing touches to our website.

You contribution will not only benefit us, but the community we seek to serve. Outside of the wonderful dose of “oxytocin” that you will get from doing something that makes you feel good, you will also get the chance to be a part of change making history. This means that you are investing in a program that will offer people who may not otherwise have access to, or the ability to get these amazing products and services. While making a difference is our goal, we want to be socially impactful at the same time. So check out our “perks” and choose what resonates with you.


The Impact

We Grow Humans: As long as humans continue to reproduce, we will have to care for ourselves in a deliberate and intentional way. This mean from preconception, birth, and even the transition out of this life time. Humans have been procreating for centuries– and we want to make sure that we help maintain a positive footprint in the human ecology of the childbearing community, through high impact education on reproductive life planning.

So, on our end we want to prepare our members, with our signature workshops, tools and resources in a non-toxic, natural, safe, ethical, and well maintained environment to offer information to expand our members access to support and care management choices. Through our highly innovative, multi-year, culturally-centered project model, we aim to offer top quality services, that can easily replicated in other parts of the state of Oklahoma, as well as internationally.


Risks & Challenges

None Like Us: We are aware that like with any start-up, there are risks of failure. We are a small business, with a BIG vision, entering into a nonexistent market. This makes differentiating ourselves very easy because, such innovation does not exist within the entire state of Oklahoma. There are similar business models in AZ, NV, and OR, but none cater to hair, skin, and nails, nor are they minority owned.


We want to reassure you that we know the benefits of grassroots organizing and starting small.


It is our goal to grow into a thriving, self-sustained community. In conclusion, we believe that sticking to our core principles, values, and the uniqueness of our business model that our project cannot fail. We are authentic in our approach, well equipped with expertise and resourceful enough to make our creative project come to life.


Be An Ambassador

We are aware that some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help us get the word out. We are asking that you make as much noise as possible about our campaign. There are specific sharing tools embedded in this site– So, use them up!

You can also ask people you know to treat you to one of our packages. Get creative and remember that #WeGrowHumans!


Give Your Gifts Online

We have made gifting a simple online process via PayPal. This method is secure goes directly to The InTune Mother Project. Please CLICK HERE to become a supportive donor.

Give Over The Phone

Please call our Project Management Department at (770) 580-3740. Be prepared to give you credit card information (Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover).


Continual Contributions

Revolving Donations Initiative

Some may ask what being an InTune Mother is all about. Well in a brief description it is the most natural part of what being a woman. Whether planning to become mother, being a first time mother, or even a grandmother; being InTune to our natural maternal body is what encompasses being and InTune Mother. So we ask that you consider supporting The InTune Mother Project on a recurring basis, one that best fits your financial profile. Please do not hesitate to contact our Project Management Department to get more information about our revolving donations initiative by calling 770-580-3470 or by emailing

Supporting Organizations and Planned Donations

Thinking about making a long-term commitment to support The InTune Mother Project? Please contact our Fiscal Sponsorship Agent to learn more about these ways of giving by calling 770-580-3470 or by visiting here.

Private Fundraisers

Private fundraisers are also welcome to support our creative childbirth services, operational programming, and educational outreach. Please contact our Project Management Department to learn more about hosting a private fundraiser today.

Call 770-580-3470 or email




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