The Oklahoma Challenge



#GETinTune and join us in The Oklahoma Challenge! By purchasing a Content Ad for your business at one of our upcoming events, you are demonstrating your level of support for our #ISupportBWOC campaign to assist Birth Workers Of Color, in the state of Oklahoma, with scholarships to aid in the reduction of childbirth disparities in communities of color. By offering partial and full scholarship assistance to women of color in perspective fields related to birth work, through our scheduled training opportunities. 


“Nationally, blacks have a four-times greater risk of pregnancy-related death than whites—a rate of 36.1 per 100,000 live births compared with 9.6 for whites and 8.5 for Hispanics, according to a 2008 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”


By adding strategically educated and well trained women from these communities, back into the communities in need, the better the outcomes. Research shows that peer-to-peer  or circular perinatal support offers women in materno-toxic environments a better chance at positive birth outcomes. The ability to self sustain, through proper knowledge of self-care and mother-led perinatal support, the more we are able to be effective in our work as advocates within our own communities.

This is not a calling… This is a CHARGE!!! — So if YOU are up for the challenge… JOIN US by supporting our workforce development initiative to … help more women of color have access to culturally centered birth options.

Because at The Intune Mother Project – TIM we are “Re-birthing Mother Nature’s Undisturbed Intent,” by  Supporting Birth Workers Of Color Through The Oklahoma Challenge.


To become a contributing partner



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