InTune Mother Consultant Certification Training

A Holisitc Approach to Culturally Centered Reproductive Health 

With the complete understanding that this course is designed to increase your intuitive learning path as a Culturally Centered birth worker. We have developed three modules that are to be completed on time, by the end of this training. 

The list of progressive assignments that are presented in the beginning of the training will allow the right amount of time needed to address the information discussed in an intuitive direction to creating your community course of action.

On the very 1st day of class, you will receive a handout that defines your daily assignments. Over the 3 days, each assignment will be due the very NEXT day.

You are welcome to turn them in early, but each module will better prepare you for the end of your presentation to be certified. 

They will be reviewed for creativity in concept, content, and interpretation of each given topic. POINTS WILL BE TAKEN OFF for submitting your final presentation late, lack of creativity, and information errors. 

The reason for the criteria: You will become an advocate, consultant, and educator in this cultural art-form. The lessons learned here will help evoke a greater attitude and language that helps you articulate your ideas and services to your clients and the community.

3-Day Course Outline


Today we are going to dive deep into the consciousness through The InTune Mother. We are here to introduce a new image of the culturally centered birth worker, while expanding our skill-sets as wise and intune women, of rich historical legacy and Daughters of The Original Mother…

Friday Morning – Conscious Conception


The InTune Mother Vision – Innovative Models for Reproductive Life Planning

The Original Mother – What Is MtDNA

The Magnetic Vagina & The Divine Feminine

Social Norms vs. Cultural Norms

Undisturbed Intention (A Metaphorical Journey)

Lunch: Noon – 1 pm

Friday Afternoon Cont…

The InTune Mother & Intuitive Skills

The Father Frequency – A Path to Conscious Conception

Pheromones & Sexual Magic

Male to Female Relationships – Healing Epigenetic Trauma Through the Primal Continuum 

Ovulation NOT Menstruation – 28 Days Full Moon vs. New Moon


A journey into the consciousness of childbirth.

Our Mantra: We are here to enhance the medical model of care. We are here to normalize consciousness in childbirth to expand our thoughts and ideas about what is safe, normal, and transformational in the various paradigms and experiences of holistic childbirth.

Saturday Morning – Conscious Birth

Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP): Subconscious Memories Blocking Labor Progress

Feeling Good: Nature Based Pain Management

Variable Stages of Labor: A Rites of Passage

Lunch: Noon to 1 pm

Saturday Afternoon Cont…

Mental Transmutation and Calling The Ancestors

Spiritual Life of The Traditional BirthKeeper

Why Not Me: The Story of Gladys Milton


Going the distance in the 4th trimester into the conscious of intune parenting.

In this last session of this unique learning experience, today we discuss the power of parental gratitude and how to

use it wisely to produce positive attitudes about culturally centered parental control and release.

Sunday Morning – Conscious Parenting

The Chosen One – Unlimited Access to Peaceful Parenting

No Manual for The Perfect Parent – Conflict Resolution and Reclaiming Your Sexual Relationship

Homebirth To Homeschool – The Standard NOT the Alternative

Lunch – 1 pm

Sunday Afternoon Cont…

Reclaiming The Village Concept – Observation As Educational Authority

Going The Distance – The Absentee Parent

Reprogramming The Cultural Family- Skills For The New Normal

Closing Community Circle Ceremony

Distribution of Certificates

Enrollment Process 2017

The cost of this training is $369. Our InTune training is limited to 20 people. (A minimum of 5 participants are necessary to host a training) A $50 deposit is required to hold your space. Payments can be paid in full or split into two payments of $159.50. ALL PARENTS ARE DUE UPON COMPLETION OF TRAINING.

All enrollments are non-refundable. You may sell or gift your seat to another person. 

Certification Process (Coming Soon)