Scholarship Opportunities

The InTune Mother Bridget Biddy Mason Scholarship Program

Bridget %22Biddy%22 Mason II

Scholarship Criteria for all training opportunities

To Women of Color seeking help to attend various trainings, workshops, and classes. Scholarship opportunities are available on a sliding scale fee.

The InTune Mother Bridget Biddy Mason Scholarship Program is designed to assist those students that are interested in participating in our various trainings and workshops, but has other financial obligations within the home. It is designed to assist you in the fulfillment of your training goals, not to be relied on to suffice you in other personal endeavors. This award is an economic plan to create a valuation system to help you produce a rewarding career as a community birth work practitioner. NOTE: If you are currently on scholarship (with TIM), know that it will continue thru the end of your most recent training and will be re-evaluated on each, recurring need (maximum allowances are TWICE in one calendar year).

Scholarships are on a first come, first served basis. Availability is subject to change.

Criteria for the Scholarship: (Maximum of five (5) but all can apply)

– A FULL-TIME resident of the Oklahoma City area, in the following counties: Oklahoma and Cleveland County. (If your not a resident of either county and would like to participate please request to do so at:

– A former Scholarship recipient of another TIM Training/Program

– A Single Parent in a household with no other physical co-parent or partner

– A recipient of DHS, Unemployment, Short/Long Term Federal Disability, Military, or if your only source of income is COURT APPOINTED child support. (With documentation)

– A FULL-TIME Student as a reputable College, Technical, Trade School or University in the area (must show most recent report card or transcript)

– A CERTIFIED Doula from another reputable program (proof of certification needed) that needs THIS program for their CEU (Continuing Education Unit).


  • This scholarship is not transferable nor can this be offered again if you fail a course or attend less than half the time.
  • You MUST purchase the books needed for each training you are applying for scholarship to.
  • You are required to apply for EACH TRAINING separately as the funding for each training is distributed through separate funding channels. (i.e., training, travel, lodging, textbooks, childcare)
  • You will be required to repay all or part of the fees if you cannot attend the class, once registered, or withdrawal before the end of class time, per the requirements of attendance. (If you foresee that your schedule does not allow completion of the course (barring unforeseen EMERGENCIES or client births) it is suggested that you refrain from application until such time you are able to complete the FULL course, attending on time!

Please fill out the attached application form and email/scan them back to me WITH THE DOCUMENTS REQUESTED or fax me a hard copy to: (405) 735-9859

NOTE: ALL FORMS MUST be postmarked on or before the week prior to the first day of the training you are wishing to attend. This is so we can verify your information and let you know when trainings will begin. (Training dates and funding availability are contingent upon a 10 person enrollment minimum to facilitate some trainings)

CLICK HERE to Download Application

NOTE: This is a PDF and may require Adobe Reader to open. CLICK HERE to download software.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns and I will be happy to address them to my best of knowledge.

RaShaunda Lugrand, NLP | CHBD | IPBC