Fertility Therapy

At The TIM Center we believe, “Childbirth is Humanity’s Rites of Passage.” The InTune Mother Project designed this full-fledge Fertility Package to empower women to reclaim their ‘ Rites of Passage ’ by implementing self-directed care into their lifestyle. Self-care is beneficial for releasing stored emotional trauma from the womb, providing nourishing grounds for conception to occur. Based on our concept of Conscious Conception, we provide Preconception education as well as a customized, unlimited support system for future mothers. We teach these ancient self-care practices to promote Natural Birth Control, Healthy and Successful Pregnancies, and Reproductive Wellness in families of diverse communities which transcends across the globe.

During a typical Fertility Session, future mothers will start by receiving Guided Womb Meditation with Aromatherapy. Then, Fertility Womb Massage and your choice of the soothing application of pure, warmed Castor Oil, Clay Detox Wrap, or Thai Herbal Compress…. Ending the session with a cleansing Herbal Yoni Steam while sipping on our complimentary, signature Nourishment Tea. In addition, you will get to experience the positive vibrations of Full Moon Yoga with our Founder / Yoga Practitioner, Mama Indego, aligning women’s fertility cycle with the Moon cycle. These practices, individually and collectively, promote reproductive wellness.

We also provide customized, monthly Menu Planning to educate women on the nourishment needs of a fertile climate. We make Fertility Charting become natural. Furthermore, we offer Womb Counseling for those who have suffered from pregnancy loss in the past.

Fertility Awareness is not only for women but also for men. Collectively, couples may benefit from each partner taking charge of their fertility. Our Men’s sessions include a balancing Guided Meditation with Aromatherapy, warmed Castor Oil pack or Clay Detox Wrap, and cleansing Herbal Penile Steam, along with our complimentary Nourishment Tea. We also offer monthly Menu Planning. Plus, men get to take a journey back to ancient practices of Full Moon Yoga.

Although, we do not guarantee that pregnancy will occur, we commit to do our part to help you reach your goals; we ask that you, too, commit to the Individualized Care Plan which we create in order to monitor your progress while allowing nature to run its course. We are with you every step of the way on your natural journey to parenthood.

Contact us for your private consultation to help you choose how you wish to cultivate your seeds though one of our Monthly Packages.
(Services within each package may vary, based on client-specific conditions)

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