We Grow Humans

Just Say Yes! To Culturally Centered Perinatal Support Services

As we present…


Help us say #WeGrowHumans this #GivingTuesday2017

Help us close out our #GivingTuesday event for The InTune Mother Project with a bang!!!

Many organizations have come together to help us build the #GreenerBirthInitiative and it begins with not being afraid to ask for help. So ask how you can be a partner in our Community Stakeholder event, Saturday November 25, 2017.  To show your support of our community-centered project your gift of $1 OR more is appreciated. Join us as we reach out to see if there is room for us to work together in shifting the way African American families access equitable care. Together we can have a greater impact this November 28th.

There are many ways to get involved in our #GivingTuesday celebration. We encourage you to join the movement by visiting https://oklahomabwoc.com/ to learn more about how you can help us make a difference.

RaShaunda Lugrand – Founder
InTune Mother Project


Be An Ambassador

SAY “I Support Birth Workers Of COLOR”

(Community Of Liberated Families Overcoming Resource Scarcity)

JOIN The Celebration #GivingTuesday 2015


TIM is Giving Love to

The Grand Challenge

JOIN US #GivingTuesday 2014


As we are closely approaching the season of giving… We are aligning ourselves with other philanthropic individuals and social organizations in order to have a successful #GivingTuesday 2014. Last year we placed 16th out of thousands of other supporters on the leader-boards, in Georgia with our “Beds and Breast-pumps” campaign… By simply bringing more awareness to the community about the needs of expecting women and families in vulnerable circumstances.

This year we have chosen one organization to target our giving this year as our local and national mission. As ambassadors and members of the National Perinatal Task Force and self-directed students of primary health, from THIS Friday November 28th 2014 until December 7th 2014 our goal is to assist as many women of color, facing financial disparities, attain partial, full and/or, small matching scholarships. This is geared towards an opportunity for them to be afforded, a community based education as a #midwife, #doula, #breastfeeding educator/consultant, and or #childbirth educator to reduce disparities in birth outcomes in women of color. So for every T-shirt sold, TIM am donating part of the proceeds to #TheGrandChallenge which offers Birth Workers Of Color scholarships in pursuit of reducing poor childbirth outcomes in the community of color.



Time to GET #Unselfie



#GivingTuesday 2013

We Are a Part of The #UNSelfie Movement

This is your opportunity to make a difference in the lives of 50 low-income moms who cannot make a difference for themselves. So we are giving 50 moms either a brand new Medela Breast Pump to encourage exclusive breastfeeding or a Safer Sleep System to reduce unsafe sleep habits and SIDS. Click on the picture below to learn more about how you can be a part of such a dynamic movement to give back this holiday season on December 3rd or #GivingTuesday. Follow us on Twitter @ InTune_Mother 79 to get 18 myth-busting facts on breastfeeding that you may not have know to encourage more women of color to breastfeed.

Giving Tuesday


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