CARE Plan Evaluation

A Culturally Centered 


Goals of the service 

  • Increase access to culturally centered wellness services for the entire family.

  • Strategic methods of providing comprehensive holistic care that promotes self-awareness and self-acceptance through beauty, familial culture, and wellness.


We offer a variety of innovative services to help us anchor our relationship as accountability coaches and consults with supporting members to create a systematic structure of core self-confidence, self-discipline, and a renewed community oriented mindset.

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Our payments are billed on a monthly or annual basis beginning at the initial point of service.

Please note that this service can be cancelled at any time within a 30 day period. 


Our holistic care packages help to anchor relationships in accountability to one another as a nature based beauty consultant supporting a systematic structure of self-confidence, self-discipline, and a renewed mindset.

Through our (MEMBERS ONLY) network we offer a variety of services. Request your FREE consultation here-

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