Healthy Mind


To book a consultation call 405-795-3733

Reprogramming Consultant (NLP | Holistic Consultant) $75/hour (1 hour minimum)

Trauma Release Therapy (30 minute session) $70

Guided Meditation (30 minute session) $60

Guided Meditation/ Personal Affirmation Combo (75 minute session) $105

Creative Visualization Session (60 minute session) $75

Conflict Resolution & Mediation $125/hour

Smoke Succession (60 minute session) $45/hour

Initial Session of Guided Meditation or Personal Affirmation (75 minute) $185 (includes membership fee)

Initial Creative Visualization Combo $175 (includes membership fee)

Initial Smoking Succession Consultation $145 (includes membership fee)

Unlimited Support

Unlimited 30-Day Coaching $349 (45 minute sessions)

Unlimited Auto-Pay $649 (90-Day minimum investment)

Unlimited Annual $1449 (12 months)

DISCLAIMER ***We reserve the right to offer our services to a diverse group of individuals  through our private membership basis who are seeking customized support during their pregnancy, childbirth, and/or postpartum experience. We are spiritual non-medical practitioners, consultants, philanthropists, and healthy lifestyle advocates, who works to creatively educate families about their right to choose and experience the magically transformational childbirth outcome they envision. By holding the sacred space for their vision in autonomous authority through supported human rights.