Who is TIM?

The InTune Mother Project is a quasi experimental community development project. We are focused on connecting culturally centered beauty and wellness support services as the largest contributing factor in creating a sustainable culture of self-care. In our approach we have observed why the African American childbearing population struggles within the family dynamic? One question is why do African American women delay perinatal and postpartum care? Our organization has trained with several institutions of thought on how this affects the way communities thrive or suffer. We have come to the conclusion that it is from deep rooted racial disparities, based upon access to equitable care?

Our project is founded on 5 principles: Environment, Education, Entrepreneurship, Economics, and Empowerment- to shift the culture of health as it relates to the perinatal period. The research began by assessing the importance of making culturally centered perinatal health a shared value. We identified how racial disparities present a major factor, in the overall health of the African American community, leading with preconception education, to postpartum support, and early childhood education. Through our research we see how the lack of access to highly skilled women, with similar cultural influences, forges a disproportionate gap in the opportunity to connect, with other African American women, from or within the community, practicing and serving in the profession of traditional birth work.


This impacts access to culturally competent care, peer to peer empowerment, lack of positive behavioral influence, social and economic education. These affects the timing of the first prenatal visit and last postpartum visit, using the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC), Health Care Report Card data on women’s health and Women’s Access to Health Care Services. By examining maternal toxic areas and how people in different areas of the city and/or state receive perinatal care, our research can more closely link racial disparity, to historical patterns, as the impeding origin that withholds access to care.

With our first study, we have linked race inequities to prenatal care data, to observe the pregnant person by environment, age, education, marital, and economic status (using the statewide Oklahoma Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System-PRAMS), clinic location, and other demographic related disparities for pregnant uninsured, underinsured, Medicaid and non Medicaid consumers.  

By facilitating our project we are able to encourage positive outcomes through our dedicated establishment that uses our signature self-care approach, to the extent that communities see their own potential, to make autonomous decisions regarding their overall care, which impacts the way they see themselves, and those who serve them. Thus creating a synergistic balance of care that encourages an equitable accountability and culturally centered care. To build our legacy, we take on the spirit of Madam C.J. Walker a healer to her community and social entrepreneur as a beauty service provider. To Bridgett “Bitty” Mason a slave, pioneering midwife, and entrepreneur. Through the sounds and activism of “Nina Simone” a singer, songwriter, revolutionary, and civil rights activist. We believe that childbirth is humanity’s rites of passage, beginning with EVERY childbearing having access to a healthy lifestyle experiences.


What TIM Supports








And as the Core Committee Chair for the BirthKeeper Social Justice and Language Inclusion Committee, TIM supports The Primal Continuum of Human Development. 

DISCLAIMER ***We reserve the right to offer our services to a diverse group of individuals  through our private membership basis who are seeking customized support during their pregnancy, childbirth, and/or postpartum experience. We are spiritual non-medical practitioners, consultants, philanthropists, and healthy lifestyle advocates, who works to creatively educate families about their right to choose and experience the magically transformational childbirth outcome they envision. By holding the sacred space for their vision in autonomous authority through supported human rights.


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~ The TIM Family

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