Meet The Founders


Melvin and RaShaunda Lugrand, are the proud parents of three boys, ages eight, six, and three-years-old. Together they have learned that childbirth is a natural non medical event. Mothers and babies are a team working towards the same innate outcome. Their goal is to create a space that is community based, operated by supportive, intune, consumers, who honor the father, mother, baby in a unique and deliberate way. Melvin and RaShaunda run a business that provides a service to families in a creative, empowering, and innovative environment. They feel that Oklahoma lacks this service, thus providing them an excellent opportunity to utilize their expertise and experience in childbirth wellness and business management at the same time, while continuing to exercise their passions for education, expectant parents, and their families.

Melvin earned his degree at Langston University in Business Administration and has 15 years experience with top tier companies such as, Direct Response as a Political Fundraising Consultant, that raised over 13 million for the companies candidate for the 2008 Presidential Campaign. Melvin, while at Wells Fargo managed the oversight of 5 million dollars for start-up and small-businesses while living in Phoenix, Arizona. Upon relocating to Georgia in search of diverse values and grassroots business opportunities, he began his tenure at Terminix, one of the largest pest control companies in the Southern Region, where he retained 8 million in sales up to his end date January of this year. He completed a course at Case Western University, where he studied Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence, in pursuit of establishing himself as a social entrepreneur, particularly in the industry of childbirth. He earned his certificate of completion in Design Thinking for Business Innovation at The Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. Melvin returned to his hometown of Oklahoma in late 2014 and is currently studying to become a Certified Gerson Consultant through the Gerson Institute.

RaShaunda has 15 years of independent healthcare management experience working with women, children and families as a licensed health and beauty services professional. She holds a certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) as well as a Qualified Medicine Aide (QMA). RaShaunda has owned 3 independent establishments that focused on holistic health, emotional wellness, and beauty services, where she worked independently with various high profile clientele. After the birth of their third son, RaShaunda channeled her passions more intently into the study of childbirth wellness. In the Spring of 2013 she attended a retreat on Quantum Midwifery, via The Matrona, a 6-day intensive training in undisturbed childbirth, in the city of Atlanta. She also studied at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, where she received a certificate of completion in Health For All Through Primary Health Care and Training and Learning Programs for Volunteer Community Health Workers also with Johns Hopkins Online. RaShaunda recently hosted several high-impact trainings over the last 6 months to expand access to education to women of color and to evolve in her own educational model as an Independent Perinatal Birth Consultant.

The timing is right for The InTune Mother Project. It is determined to provide families with healthier childbirth and parenting outcomes, in a totally undisturbed, free thinking, online, and offline environment. The mothers and their families, will receive a full range of services with natural, free-thinking childbirth classes, parenting classes, breastfeeding support groups, postpartum groups, and early childhood education (home-school) groups just to name a few. All women are in search of better childbirth outcomes for their babies and peace of mind for themselves and their families. Together we can help them identify with their options.

Melvin and RaShaunda have what it takes to develop a community of culturally sound and empowered families successful. They will count on their experience and growing reputation to exceed their expectations while continuously establishing an active client base of community educators, birth workers, mothers, fathers, and intune families across the globe.

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