Sustainable Motherhood Support

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Sustainable Motherhood Support Services (SMS) helps women have healthy pregnancies. Working with your SMS CARE Team, you’ll receive health education and counseling during your pregnancy on through your childbearing years and beyond.

SMS provides:

  • Virtual support via video conference
  • In home visits for special concerns
  • Support beyond your doctor or midwife, including nurses, nutritionists, social workers and community birth workers
  • Referrals to OB care, WIC, health insurance and other community resources.

SMS is part of the National Perinatal Task Force and is available to ALL pregnant women and those who are eligible for Medicaid.

Sustainable Motherhood Support provides:

Confidential support and time to talk with community centered practitioners:

Dedicated Case Manager
Social Worker/Counselor
Community Centered Birth Worker

In Home and/or Center visits
Support in addition to your doctor, midwife, or doula
Interpreter services (Coming Soon)

A Well Planned Journey Into Motherhood

Finding a doctor for you and your baby
Learning how pregnancy affects you
Learning about fetal growth and development
Learning about childbirth and parenting
Caring for new babies
Baby-wearing techniques
Cloth diapering vs disposable diapers
Learning about infant brain development and cues
Planning your family
Breastfeeding support

Fresh Food Nutrition

Learning about healthy foods for you and your baby
Tracking your weight gain
Managing health concerns; high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or high weight gain
Learning breastfeeding education and support
Learning about infant feeding

Addressing Your Feelings

Adjusting to a new baby
Sibling support for new baby
Strengthening relationships with family and friends
Talking about feeling stressed, sad, or depressed

Drug and Alcohol Use

Learning about effects of drugs and alcohol on you and your baby
Talking about drugs and alcohol concerns


Medicaid insurance coverage
Housing, food, dental, vision and financial assistance
Transportation to medical appointments
Classes on childbirth and parenting
Baby supplies and maternity clothes
Birth control options
Counseling for mental health or substance abuse
Domestic or family violence resources
Educational opportunities
Early childhood education

*Father’s Are Welcome*

(Fatherhood Program Details Coming Soon)

For community partners

Referring new clients for SMS services:

Sustainable Motherhood Support providers (SMS) are working on a number of programs enabling us to serve ALL pregnant women including those who are Medicaid eligible, pregnant, and parenting young children in Oklahoma County. SMS provides information & counseling around health concerns, pregnancy and child health, and linkage to community resources. SMS provides FREE services on a limited basis along with in home visits.

Home Visit services are prioritized to Medicaid eligible clients at highest risk for poor health outcomes and based on SMS resource capacity. Home visiting is offered in the following programs:

  • SMS: targeted to support all women and families, with special focus on the most vulnerable clients with health risks
  • InTune Mother Consultant: visits to first time pregnant women (< = 28 weeks gestation) and their infants until age 5.
  • Primal Continuum Support: telephonic and home visits to infants & children under age 18.

For policy makers

Research has shown that women who get into prenatal care early, and who receive adequate prenatal, perinatal or postpartum care, have healthier pregnancies and healthier babies. Without Sustainable Motherhood Support services, many low income pregnant women would not access prenatal care until later in their pregnancy—some would not access prenatal and perinatal care at all.

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