Steam Therapy

The Magnetic Vaginal Steam Therapy & Womb Treatment

$48 Members

$60 Non-Members

The Magnetic Vaginal Steam is a time tested women’s practice that has benefits for nearly every woman. Whether you are steaming for fertility, irregular cycles, post-partum care, or to physically & spiritually cleanse and maintain a healthy system, you will not be disappointed. The Magnetic Vaginal Steam will leave you feeling fresh, invigorated, abundantly nourished and magnetic. Our trained womb practitioners will aid you in determining your customized herbal blend. Have a seat; sip some tea, alone or with your sistren. Breathe deeply, enjoy, and let the herbs work their magic.

To book your session please fill out our Women’s Steam Intake Form

The Electric Penile Steam Therapy & Prostate Treatment

$48 Members

$60 Non-Members

The purpose of the Electric Penile Steam (E.P. Steam) is to nourish and strengthen. This ancient healing practice has been used for increased stamina, as well as offer benefits which may improve hemorrhoids, erectile dysfunction, impotency, prostate health, and spiritual & physical cleansing. Our wellness practitioners will assist you in determining your unique herbal blend. Relax, enjoy and recharge!

To book your session please fill out our Men’s Steam Intake Form

Couples Steam Session $115/hour

Are you looking for a fun date night experience to have with you special someone? Why not book a Couples Steam to set your night off right… What a better way to Relax, De-stress, and enjoy each others company than to do something together that will benefit you both. Come and enjoy good music, and sip on a glass of our signature tea. We ask that you come with an open mind and we will set the mood for your best experience.

This service requires that you RSVP.

Magnetic Vagina Steam Party (6 members 2 hours) $450

Come and experience a Steam & Pamper Party with your closest Girlfriends. Enjoy a glass of our signature tea while you rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Relax, Detox, De-stress and steam the night away.

Must Be Paid In Full In Advance.

Total Release Party (6 members 31/2 hours) $540

Thinking of something different to do. Hosting a special event such as: Birthday, Girls Night Out, Bridal Celebration, Divorce Party or Just Because….. Be the First to “Host A Total Release” Steam and Pamper Party, with your closest Girlfriends. Enjoy a cup of our signature tea while you rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Relax, Detox and De-stress after having a blast learning more about your amazing Yoni and its magical, magnetic capabilities. You will learn about pelvic floor exercises, yoni eggs, hip winds, Yoni guided breath work, and much more... Lite refreshments are served with this package. Please make sure your guests bring comfortable clothing so they can enjoy what The TIM Center has to offer. Bring an open mind and we will provide the environment for you experience a Total Release.

A deposit of $200.00 is required to book this party package.

Pre Honeymoon Steam Therapy (2 hours ) $75 per person

What better way to salute the man in your life then to tighten and tone up before the honeymoon. Rejuvenate & Release Stress before the big day. You will enjoy our Magnet Vagina Steam and Womb Treatment with a glass of our signature tea to purify the body. Up to a party of 6 guests for 2 hours.

The Magnetic Vagina Womb Smudge $45/ half-hour

Who doesn’t want a Magnetic Vagina? In this signature service our womb practitioner will help you to release and reclaim the power of the feminine vortex. Sitting on our customized stool allowing the warmth of our signature blend of herbs to enter your womb, this relaxing treatment will dissipate old stagnant energy that may cause blockages physically and emotionally, bringing you back to center, healing the womb and heart, awakening the Divine Feminine. Truly a magical experience.

Womb Massage $85/ hour

Indulge in a series of massage techniques the help support reproductive health, the menstrual cycle, and your fertility. This is a noninvasive massage that strengthens the ligaments and muscles that support the uterus and ovaries. It can take a few minutes to a few months to get the uterus back in reproductive alignment. By guiding internal abdominal organs back into place, women can naturally improve chances of conception, regain core strength, and return to that pre-pregnancy physique.

Add Womb Wrapping for $35

Add Womb Lifting for $25

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