Our Wish List

We are thankful for your donations, contributions, and gifts in kind. Please review our wish list in its entirety, as these are items that we need in order to make the InTune MotherProject a success. 

Items marked with an (*) have been fulfilled


  • Rooms (Waiting/Reception Area)

2 – 4 Chairs*

1 Round Coffee Tables

1 Sofa Table*

1 Bench

1 Tall Book Shelf

1 Mac Desktop

4 I Pads

1 Receptionist Chair

1 Storage Unit

  •  Family Room (Children’s Area)

1 Futon Sofa

2 Arm Chairs*

1 Book Shelf

16 Floor Pillows

Children’s books

Wooden games & toys)

  • Retail Area

1 Arm Chair

1 Small Retail Rack

5 Floating Shelves

Shopping Bags

  •  Yoga Studio

1 Large Mirror

1 LCD Monitor

1 Storage Shelf

20 Yoga Mats (Crane)

  •   Spa Area

1 Massage Table*   

1 Linen Chest*

1 Decorative chair

1 Small Radio

6 Steam Chairs

2 Door Hangers

  • Salon Area

1 Wet Station*

1 Dryer Chair*

1 Make – Up Station

1 Manicure/Pedicure Chair

1 Mani/Pedi Stool

3 Arm Chairs*



1 Digital Projector

Projector Screen

Shipping Scale

Hole puncher (3 hole)

CRM Software*

Kitchen Area

Small Refrigerator


Storage Area 




Care Packages

Interior Décor

White board*

Real Plants



Table books (Fashion, Pregnancy, Parenthood, Natural Childbirth, Women Of Color)

Exterior Décor

Balcony Furniture


Banner Sign

Extreme Wish List *

7 – 10 Passenger Vehicle (Home visits, group centered

prenatal dates, and community transportation)


Thanks again for reviewing our list. Please share our site with others. Contributions are being taken HERE.

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