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How To Start A Self Care Regime That Will Help You Thrive…

An Invitation To Beauty, Culture, Nature Based Products, and Therapeutic Services 

We’re excited to invite you The TIM Center’s themed event “Mimosas 4 Mom’s.” The goal is to facilitate a day of indulgence for moms and women to experience some of our SIGNATURE products and services, made especially for our members and loyal customers.


We are happy to invite at least 15 women to enjoy the beautiful, toxic-free, cultural environment that The TIM Center has to offer. Come and enjoy our four signature service and products that include yoga, massage, natural hair services, and cultural movementClick the image to purchase your ticket. 

Culturally Centered Wellness Services Now Available In Midtown OKC

Our Cultrally-Centered wellness services will change the way women, men, and children experience health and wellness. Whether you become a part of our member partnerships on a large scale, small scale or medium scale, The TIM Center Salon and Community Wellness Spa will help you customize your wellness goals and take your SELF CARE Regime to the next level. Check out our Wellness Program.


Your Ticket To Culturally Centered Self-Care

What is self-care and how do we decided what is most necessary for us to thrive in everyday life?

Well here are 13 ways to get started.

1.) Make sure that you celebrate yourself in various ways other than birthday’s or special occasions.

2.) If it feels wrong to you, then don’t do it. This is your Inner-G talking to you, so listen up.

3.) Get plenty of good rest. Sleeping in when you can and taking naps are good for restoring your time and energy sequence.

4.) Use your words with integrity. Speak exactly what you mean and be okay with it.

5.) Stop trying to please everyone. Self preservation is the first law in nature. Apply this law to yourself.

6.) Trust your intuition. This is an innate an primal power that we all possess. Learn how to get deeper into the consciousness of listening for your clues unconsciously.

7.) Talking bad about yourself is the worst! Talking bad about others is just as bad. When speaking about yourself, make sure that you are making positive affirmations to the best parts of you. Just as speaking positively about others can manifest good things for you too. Life and death is REALLY in the power of the tongue.

8.) Dream big, far, and wide. Then go after them without ceasing. When you go after what you want in life, it feels good to have an inspired intention. And self-care is ultimately about doing what feels good.

9.) Saying No, is a good thing. Feel confident that you know what is best for you and that saying no to something right now does not mean you can not revisit the idea at another time.

10.) Saying Yes, is also a good thing. It is actually pretty damn powerful. When you say yes to things, it sends a high vibrational frequency out into the Universe that bounces off of your words and intentions by adding more abundance to your life.

11.) Get InTune to kindness. The best thing you can do is treat yourself. Taking time to perform small acts of kindness for yourself, helps you articulate your ideas of kindness to others in a productive way.

12.) Let go of being in control. The way this life is set up- It is important to learn how to be in the flow. This is a critical part of our commitment to wellness. The more we stress on being in control, the harder it is to be flexible with the magic of managing expectations of others and ultimately ourselves.

13.) Drama and negativity are the assassin’s of good self-care. There are certain things that happen in our lives that lead us back to #12. One way to repell the drama and negatively is to speak power over the situation. Use words that defuse and empower vulnerable or less favorable times. It works like a magnet.

And I have a small BONUS point I want to offer you.

Number 14

LOVE. “Love is thee highest law and only true religion”. This is a great quote that came to me some time ago while on a journey to find out what  (religion) was most suitable for me. In doing so, I found that most reliable spiritual sources all led back to LOVE. Henceforth came the way I define self-care… By showing love to myself first and this affects the way I express value of others in my path.

I hope this post helps those of you who read it. As a tribe of dedicated non-medical spiritual practitioners, we are looking forward to connecting with you on how to move closer towards the empowerment and freedom lifestyle you can and WILL have.

RaShaunda Lugrand


Be sure to join me every Monday and Wednesday at 6:30am for Mantra Yoga (Sunrise Soul Sessions)

All The Sh!t I Didn’t Get Done In 2016

What Up TIM Tribe?!?!

So I recently started following this swanky stylist chick Hilary Rushford, and she is so on point for me right now. Part of my reason for this post was inspired by her. Like she intuitively created a message for me to share with you tonight…

I woke up this morning thinking about ALLLLL the sh!t that I didn’t get done in 2016.

So in turn– This is how the Universe works.

–I got an email from Hilary that talked something about the shame + failure that she felt for stuff she didn’t get done in 2016… So since she shared hers with me… I am going to share some of mines with you!

What did you NOT do this year because you weren’t on your sh!t?

I am going to be extremely transparent here because, ultimately I did get a lot done… But I could have managed my time sooooooo much better. And I felt like sh!t for not getting it done.

So here is my sh!t list:

I didn’t stick to my plan to create a series of videos.

I didn’t finish our new website.

I didn’t complete the editing of my book.

I didn’t start (1) mastermind group.

I didn’t create any passive income.

I didn’t focus on my homeschool families.

I didn’t complete my Hypnotherapist Certification I started a year ago.

I didn’t finish my HIGHLY ANTICIPATED Album.

I didn’t raise $100,000 for Phase II of our perinatal health worker project.


The list can go on and on, but I will stop here.


As we prepare to walk in to 2017 Like A BOSS, we are observing space and time to make sure that we manage our projects with deeper intention this time.


So how are we going to do that right?


How do we make more time for Magnetic sh!t to happen in 2017?

The InTune Mother Team has been working hard to answer this question for a minute until we took some advice from the wonderful Aprille Franks Hunt to plan a quarter at a time. 

After I attended the webinar I was like, this is easy. I can do THIS… And I did. I created my vision board and loaded up my calendar to make sure that I moved with passion and purpose as a transformational and inspirational entrepreneur– 

Plus hosting our year end training and spending 5 passion filled days with some AMAZING change agents… I am super pumped about 2017. Because 2016 was a beast… And I’s tired BOSS

So in ALL HUMILITY, I am excited about the wonders of what 2017 has to offer our small organization, as we continue to be transparent, and creatively adaptive, with our family centered mission.

2017 Means More Freedom. And. More Self Care. And. More Family Time.

This is a totally different approach. SO– when you see me working my UNAPOLOGETIC BLACK GIRL MAGIC–

I AM taking more time to do what I love for me. What makes me feel good. What makes ME happy.  And that is being creative.

In 2017 I will Complete:

Complete my Hypnotherapist Certification 

Complete content for profitable online courses and workshops

Complete user-friendly homeschool platform 

Complete INNATE Certification

Complete plans to launch Birth Worker Retreat

Complete plans for out of the country travel with family

Complete the purchase a few plots of land

Complete my book AND (The Black Plague Project)

Complete booking for high paying teaching performances

Complete 6-Figure revenue goal


Because I am honest with myself, I know that I have to get more structure about my personal and business life.  So I am naming 2017 as my Gap Year… By doing so, I am inviting you to join me as an accountability partner to #GoTheDistance in 2017! Come check in with me on Periscope @The_InTune_Mother 

As I take you on a journey inside of The Original Mother… Into The Power of  TheMagnetic Vagina where we will focus on holding sacred space for 2017.


Hey I Got BIG Goals and I KNOW You Do Too!

So what do you want to manifest in 2017? NOT hope to do… But get that sh!t done!!! 

With the right MAGNETIC blueprint, you can’t loose.

Be a part of the Magnetic Vagina Masterclass… The door is open…