A God Is Born (Knowledge)

Cosmic Conception

The Rebirth

In the beginning, there was darkness, only to crave light. In submission to change, God is the author of true life. The beginning and the end. Born from the word be: (Born Existence, Beginning Evolution, Begin End). The knowledge of mass creation is in the manifestation of time; for the word is a powerful dialog that is known within communication of the spiritual. The substance that is used to formulate words are of pure energy. A natural heat source conductor that lives in the atmospheric portal of the universal womb.

When a woman goes through the process of ovulation her body temperature rises and she produces an egg. In this production there is a substantial amount of energy that sends shock wave like surges through the womb. This power radiates into the womb or Earth and fertilizes the egg to grow by the intelligence of the male principles in the form of millions of electric atoms called sperms. From inside the element of supreme darkness came the light of which shared the same space in the heart of God’s knowledge. This solidifies the purpose for regeneration and procreation of the human image.

The image of God is the portrait of the Universal body of man. Into that of the Mother Goddess (The Earth) from whence he became flesh, only began as a simple blood clot. From out of the millions upon millions of melanated energies (dark matter) the atom is born. Atom (Adam) also being the first named human son. The first man God named, born of his own genealogy. Adam… being the first man, the second, and the last. Adam was born from infinite balance. The same place that God was born. (A.D.A.M) A.D. (After Death) or coming forth from the unknown/unseen period, A.M. (Ascension Manifests) to the spirit man shall be reborn of flesh.

After the resurrection of the Christ energy and the spirit takes on flesh. Humanity is taken back into a being of darkness. Within this darkness one will travel through the womb of time with the mother, and this is where the full knowledge of God is born.

Least we mind… Walking fearlessly in the image of ALL  creation… Walking fearlessly in the image of thee Atom… Because we were ALL born iconic and free… In the image of the divine universe.

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The InTune Mother Project (TIM Matters)

ReBirthing Mother Nature’s

Undisturbed Intent

When we identify with the natural process of love and the divinity of childbirth, we connect with the realization of our social powers. We can bring value to the collective communal aspects of our voices. What you believe is what becomes, and if you make love to ALL that you do… You produce the hottest flame… That is pure blue-violet (purple) in hue. Understanding each and everyone of us began as a simple blood clot. Least we understand the beauty of our purpose is to become free in the will of our minds and disciplined within the yearnings of our hearts. This is how we Birth Like A BOSS. This is how we give birth to Gods.

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Pregnancy and Music ~ Your Baby Has Universal Rhythm

We Are Innately Born With Music…

When you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you. ~ Stephen Richards

Do you like music? Well I love music. No I mean I really love music… But probably not in the way that you think I mean. Sometimes I even like to listen to silent music. What? Silent music? Yeah I like the way this music makes me think and feel. I can do my best writing to this music because, this music lives within me… Within us all. This is also a great way to understand how to catch the rhythm of the flow. Sometimes this music is  called the sound of the “Om or Universal Hum”. Listening to this music can give you great strength, determination, and even simple clarity on how to make your next best move. This type of music is easy, accessible, and FREE… And everybody likes FREE stuff right? Hey I love it so much… that I might just go crazy and start a T-Shirt Printing company dedicated to the “Silent Music” movement… 😉

Well here is a silent meditation that I created just for you. It was custom made just for mother and baby.

***Take your time to read the words first without speaking. Then after reading through the meditation 2-3 times to yourself, begin to speak the words aloud. Become bold with each new breath. Speak the words until you feel yourself drift off into the radiant vibration of Woman. You will go through transition. This is good. You will come out harmonically sound and vibrating on a higher frequency. Repeat this exercise 3 times a week for optimum results.***

I Remember Her Meditation

When I listen to music or sing it makes me think of being a woman.

It makes me feel of expansive rhythm of my hips.

Remembering my childhood.

No matter how abstract it was.

No frequency was too high or out of balance.

There are no things that can bare shame here nor there.

I now think about my mother.

She gave me Motherhood.

How dynamic a job it is.

To serve little abstract children.

No one the same.

Asking for it’s own birthright.

Similarities yes!

Yet each one is crafted to it’s own.

I sing a Universal vibration in this generation.

I sing the vibration of childbirth.

It tells my story  well.

It heals my fears because I too have been born.

It tells the same abstract story that makes every women powerful.

We gave birth to the whole civilization of humankind.

Without the essence of the feminine principle ~  no-thing would exist.

When I breathe deep I remember the sound of my first breath.

Singing loudly because I’m my own Creator.

I AM A Woman.

I AM a partner.

We give birth in the transition of degrees.

I will Not birth in pain.

I AM Not dancing alone.

God does not cause woman such tribulation.

Women give birth in power.

It has always been this way.

Weakness is not the vibration I feel.

I AM fit for the journey.

From the beginning there was none like me.

I AM the Eve.

I AM the great expanse of the night.

I Am the Mother of the atom.

Adam (Atom) and his star-seed.

I remember them well.

I AM everything to them.

I AM valued.

I AM legend.

I AM present.

When I listen to music or sing it makes me think of being with them.

It makes me feel who I AM.

 Then as I return to her.

The woman I remember…

I remember The Mother I have always been.


I became silent again.

My heart is a sounding drum.

I stop to take a listen.

The pounding is ever-clear.

My direction is calling me home.

And I can hear freedom.

The drumming of motherhood.

The journey was long.

And I have given birth to a new sound.

My silent song.

Your New Beginning

I hope you enjoyed this meditation. Please do share this information with everyone you believe that would benefit from it’s intended point of healing. Words are powerful and I believe that many have forgotten how to speak things over our lives that promote empowerment without ego. We are just a team of afro-hippie, social entrepreneurs, with a wholesome grassroots concept to resolve and reduce the marginalization of maternal and infant mortality in women of color, specifically African American women. In passion and humility I speak to you from these pages, taking slow, deep, breaths. If you want to learn more about how you can support our cause then click hereWe can no longer let these issues go unheard. So we ask that you dig deep that in connection to your “Silent Song”, it may lead you towards a greater work, a new freedom, a better world.

Remembering Her… Remembering The Mother

Peace, Love, and Light

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