Defining BLAB:

The term BLAB is the acronym coined by The InTune Mother to recognize the phrase, “Birth Like A BOSS.” This phrase is the forethought of community empowerment in action. Our goal is to engage the community in a creatively expansive way that guides a deeper understanding of the power of the feminine body, and how respecting that power makes the whole community empowered to “Birth Like A BOSS.” Hashtag #BLABThat

Let Me See You BLAB 

Over the course of 9-week rotations, we will create strategic teams that will identify, organize a collaborative outreach plan, which includes assessment to implementation, to address the question, how historically, racial disparities present a major factor in the overall health in the African American community, leading with perinatal health in the state of Oklahoma. 


During the lab, The InTune Mother will provide weekly check-ins to observe teams in their progress. Teams will participate in culturally centered discussions with other lab participants, at our BLAB Night gatherings, hosted at our designated wellness center.


The BLAB Lab was designed to create community centered opportunities to collaborate with each other to address issues within the BLAB movement. By facilitating the BLAB Lab, The InTune Mother seeks to:

  • Facilitate an environment of gravitude for participants seeking to develop or broaden skill sets, in partnership with other birth work, business owners, organizations, institute professionals, community partners, and stakeholders
  • Create actionable steps of our approach and implementation of innovative ideas
  • Strategize for the successful development of solutions that address complex and deeply-rooted issues surrounding maternal and infant mortality, particularly within the cultural communities.

The BLAB Lab will support teams through creation and implementation – they are described in detail on the BLAB Lab registration page: BLAB Community Outreach


Three teams will be selected from various backgrounds to participate in the first round of the BLAB Lab program May 2017.  We anticipate launching our second BLAB Lab Fall 2017. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.

Questions and additional information
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