MELs Painting Services

A Community Based Painting Project

MEL’s Painting Services is a community oriented business model, led by owner/operator Melvin Lugrand and Co-Founder of The InTune Mother Project. The main objective of this company is to offer services to community projects, residential/commercial properties, quick turn income properties, and rehabilitated homes and apartment communities. We are a grassroots social welfare service that works strategically, within the community, in which we live. It is our goal to maintain a supportive stance as it relates to the aesthetics of every community that we serve.   This movement speaks to our commitment to social excellence and a better living environment for everyone.

What drives the motivation of our services is seeing people happy with their freshly painted apartment, customized accent wall/room, birth rooms and nurseries, or basic home decor. Our current initiative is a collaborative effort to assist families in the management of their birth environment as a community investment. We believe that by developing a strong working relationship that produces favorable outcomes for all, we can build a base of volunteer community workers to aid in the progression of our community project agenda.

To inquire more about MELs Painting Services contact us here.


Flexible Schedule

Odorless Paint

Clean up

Small repairs

Ask about our easy payment plans

To view our price list CLICK HERE!

Also ask about our reduced rates for non-profit organizations and families experiencing economic hardship.

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