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The InTune Mother Project

A Community Centered Wellness Program and Private Membership Association (PMA) Explanation

A Private Membership Association has been established by The InTune Mother Project. The purpose of the association is to increase service options for clients who opt to become members of the PMA because as private members, clients have more control over how they are treated than if simply under the public regulations.

Joining this membership based platform also offers you access to our community based wellness programs, products, and services at a discounted rate.

As a community based wellness organization, our services are driven by a private membership. Individuals who decide not to join the PMA, will NOT be able to receive any of our signature services at the discounted rate.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We strongly encourage members to join the PMA, as this will allow our consultants and practitioners to offer you more comprehensive services, customized options, and a holistic approach to whole body wellness and therapeutic self-care.


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