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A Community Centered Support Service

All children need to have parents that are well equipped and empowered to guide them in the best direction and seek out help when they feel inadequate. Social and community development skills are key points as is education and self discovery for the entire family.

TIM not only offers beauty culture services to enhance self-esteem, in the childbearing community, we also support families interested in pursuing a holistic approach to reproductive health. Our goal is to provide culturally centered learning experiences and other community organized support services. These are provided through our customized membership platform to fit the individual needs of diverse families.

We have listed below all of the available community classes and workshops for your review. Please note that TIM is adding more to our calendar to assure a diverse platform of services in your area. If you would like to host a training in your area, contact TIM at 770-580-3470 or 405-795-3733 to find out how you can bring us to your area.


The BLAB Lab is designed to build upon the standard of our culturally competent services, workshops and programs. The lab offers an opportunity for small groups to explore feelings, thoughts, and ideas, test and implement solutions to complex issues surrounding maternal and child health disparities in vulnerable communities, while targeting our (5E+2) Action Framework: Environment, Education, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Empowerment, Enlightenment, and Entertainment.

BLAB Community Planner

Get InTune to how to create you very own BLAB Community Planner which includes templates for actions plans, health fact sheets, and various tools to assist families with interview questions, etc. when selecting their organizing team.

#BLABThat Workshop

Every childbearing family in Oklahoma needs an operational reproductive life plan. If you are someone who is supporting cultural families you need this workshop. Communities and families get information and paperwork from so many sources. Participants of this workshop are provided tools to organize their most important information in a central place, making it easier for them to find and share key information with others who are part of their BLAB team. Providers and families alike will benefit from this workshop as they receive all documents to maintain reproductive life plans to take home for future updating.

Families Empowered Through Self-Directed Accountability

We know that when families feel empowered… typically these feelings of empowerment makes them feel like a BOSS!

Learn tips to accentuate family involvement while creating community action partnerships.

Get InTune To Cooperative Wellness Alternatives

Learn more information on how membership base hair care and other holistic wellness services are needed to improve access to equitable community centered care for childbearing families.

TIM Supports Community Led Trainings

The goal of these trainings is to build a statewide community networks of free-thinking family members who are prepared to support those who have elected to homebirth and homeschool multi-age group children. This is the first step in familial leadership with TIM and often brings much joy to the group of participants.

Challenging Dominant Narratives: BIRTH IS – Photography & Storytelling Project 

​We are using photography & storytelling to challenge dominant narratives in the African American childbearing community and we need your help!

If you, or someone you know, is interested in participating in this important work, please reach out to to schedule your photo shoot!

The 4th Trimester Self-Care & Photovoice Journal Training

For those transitioning into the 4th trimester we help prepare families by helping them transition into deeper support systems through creative writing exercises.

BOSS Up @ BLAB Night: Supporting Families Through Community Partnerships

These meetings are designed to provide leadership skills and opportunities to promote family/community partnerships throughout Oklahoma City.

BLABing Your Birth Story Training

Families want to feel confident about their decision to birth out of the institution, an office visit with one of our consultants is a transformative experience. Following this training, mothers are able to clearly articulate their needs or their story in many different venues.

Want to learn more about our programs and services. Use the contact form below to submit your questions.

Centering Black Families: Understanding the Historical & Cultural Background

During our BLAB Sessions, learn about the historical & cultural upstream factors that have led to current social disparities. We’ll engage in discussions about the Black maternal health, breastfeeding, postpartum care and shifting the narrative, how cultural & ethnic histories inform our decisions, popular fourth trimester traditions, and how we can challenge dominant social narratives to achieve sustainable family dynamics.



We look forward to helping you create your Sustainable Family

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