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Homebirth 2007

The InTune Mother Project was founded by a husband and wife team, of home birthing artists, poets, parents, students, philanthropists, activists, advocates, and natural childbirth enthusiasts. Yes, we wear a lot of hat, but our goal is to empower moms and families about holistic prenatal care, the importance of home-birth preparation, InTune childbirths, exclusive breastfeeding, and how to apply for vital records for out of institution childbirths. Our goal is to help moderate to low-income families achieve a happy birthday for their new baby girl or boy.

It was like yesterday that my hubby and I were in our beautifully decorated home birthing sanctuary, about to receive our now 6-year old son RaMel into this world. Who knew at that time we would be hear assisting other moms and families with preparing for their own births. When asked what our role is, we prefer to be called childbirth companions or childbirth advocates. We are here for midwives and doulas. We are here for the mother, father, baby, and family as  accountability partners and consultants to what makes sure for a solid, happy, and communal relationship between all parties.

This partnership will allow mothers and birth workers to identify, with how they will serve each other, in the event of childbirth. This is so important to us because, with our second son Logan age – 4, we experienced a conflicting schedule, with our midwife. This was not favorable at the time, but we overcame all doubt, to complete a safe and secure unplanned unassisted birth.  Thankfully, we were well informed and confident enough that we were able to proceed with our birth and have yet another positive outcome.

Hey… We know all too well the complete spectrum around childbirth. From starting out with the traditional medical model thrown in our faces.  To becoming seekers of the truth, thus becoming informed, and thus giving birth to the empowerment that taught us how to keep the sacredness of our birth rights intact for future references. Now approaching our 3rd sons 1st year, we are proud to celebrate our 366th day with him and all of you. Our goal is to help facilitate for other families the needed tools to go deeper into themselves by awakening or supporting the power that also lives to thrive within them.

And this is how we passionately assist mothers and families to celebrate an informed, safe, happy and empowered birthday.

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Love & Light

~ The TIM Team

Quantum Childbirth

Getting Out of The Mind and Into The Heart of Childbirth

See No Evil

How many times do you see pregnant women who look depressed or soiled about pregnancy and childbirth. Often I wonder how or what it is that causes  women to feel this way during such a remarkable time. Maybe she is in a bad emotional space with her partner? Maybe she is not financially prepared for her new bundle to arrive? So she thinks. Maybe she is just having a bad day? But whatever the case, this is all too common, especially in the urban community where most moms are unmarried, low-income, and lacking sufficient education to remove themselves for such disparities.

This leads me to think that we as a community are not looking at this picture with a clear view. At times I drift of into this so called Utopian idea of the world and how it works, so bare with me on this. I believe that we are all just mirrors of our own reflections and what we see in front of us the most, is what we begin to identify as ourselves. This means the environment that we surround ourselves with, ultimately becomes us. This may not be 100% true for everyone because, some people are visionaries and understand how to create his or her own abundant reality from a simple thought or feeling. This is always favorable right? Yet in still this idea is not seen the same way when we have not so healthy outcomes. We like to blame others for our circumstances, our thoughts, and even our emotional reactions. I know you have heard someone say, “You made me mad”, or “You made me do this or that”. This is a person who has no control or accountability for themselves. This my friend is a victim. And really we are only victims to our ideologies of our current circumstances… not the reality that we create… Or what it is that we think… based on how we look at what we see.

So when we think of childbirth, we automatically think hospital or doctor. More-so today, we are even thinking surgery. WTH! Childbirth is NOT even a medical event. Childbirth is a natural event. It is just as natural as the man and the woman who came together to conceive the child that awaits it’s birth. Was there a surgeon in the room when you were making the baby… I don’t think so… Unless y’all were role playin’. So let’s discuss more on why we have to guard how we see things. Mainly because we have been fed a useless amount of symbols that are unnatural to the concept of what is considered evil to our existence. So when we identify more with the pain body, then life is seen through a stretched and complicated lens.

Hear No Evil

The more jargon that is heard when talking about childbirth, the less appealing it becomes. Having babies somehow becomes a chore and a stagnating vulnerability. Then what is left of motherhood is this abandoned and helpless idea that is painful and full of woe, but I beg to differ. While carrying my first son, I heard women talk about how they had to have C-Sections because, they were too small, or they labored too long. Then there was the ones who said, “It was horrible”. The partial look on my face is ingrained in my memory. I would tell them that, that was their story and I am sorry that their experience was thus and so, but mines will be different because, I believe my body knows what to do.

I often had sweet talks with my unborn baby about his arrival. I would tell him to take as long as he needed, but just get here safe. I would tell him that we were a team and that one day he would see me from the other side. I would tell him to follow my voice into the light. To this very day, my oldest son is very direct and very cardinal in his thoughts. Sometimes I have to tell him that it’s okay to be flexible in order to stay in the flow. I say this is due to my unwavering spirit of accomplishing the birth outcome that I wanted. Talk about the law of attraction, which is calling into existence what we want.

The crazy thing is that we are so consumed with the ideas of blessings and curses that we forget, that they both work in tandem with our own emotional desires. The Universe is a vast place full of creative forces and elements of timeless change. This is why it is important that when a woman is pregnant she hears no evil because, her baby is also listening. As early as 16 weeks during the pregnancy it is said that baby’s hearing is developed. So just imagine how baby might feel if he or she is only hearing bitter, fear based stories about it’s new world. Or, what about loud arguing or fighting words? The power to tell those nay sayers to keep their negative birth stories is not enough and a person looks like a fool when arguing with themselves. We have to apply the right amount of empathy to listen as the moms share, so that we can empower them through our own strengths. We have to tune into ourselves and deeply identify with the fact that sharing can be healing. And when a woman is not InTune with the act of mothering or childbirth, she is readily walking in fear, restriction, and bondage. Each of these do not speak to the enlightenment of how the magic of childbirth really operates… because it happens uniquely and totally undisturbed. This technique takes fearlessness, intuition, and self-directed education.

Speak No Evil

So as I conclude on the aspect of how we perceive things through the power of what we see and hear, we have to also be aware of the power of our own words… Not just the words of others. No other person can speak death or destruction over your life or circumstance unless you allow them to. Unless you give that person power over who you believe you are. This goes for your mother, your partner, the doctor, your spiritual family, social media, or even your midwife. I have been in a place where the most supportive people have been perfect strangers. Yet the most unsupportive people have been  my own team mates. How are you expected to win when there are agents in your camp? You have to speak your truth. You have to speak the life that YOU want! This is easier said than done. It takes courage and discipline to speak with supportive language about such a controversial subject. And who would have thought that childbirth would be such a controversial subject matter? The thing is, everybody has an interpretation of what childbirth means to them, and that is okay. So when you come to grips, with what is real and true to your own heart, then you have stepped into the realm of “Quantum Childbirth” ~ getting out of the mind and into the heart of childbirth.

Stop Throwing Stones At A Glass House

STOP Trippin… 

Glass Birth

First off… Let me begin by saying that I am a woman, and then a wife, and then a mother and a social entrepreneur. The more information that I read about midwifery and the issues behind the color barriers within the birthworking community it creates within me a dull feeling. I wonder at times, how important it is to pursue a “profession” that has been a natural practice since the inception of time. With all of the founding organizations and new organizations that are subservient to these “grandmother” foundations, I wonder why is it that we are now becoming so covetous about such a free concept. As my husband and I build on the beauty of our simple and economically sound home birth experiences,  we felt the need to share what we learned with other families, particularly within the community of color.

Now don’t get it twisted. The InTune Mother Project is not and exclusionary concept. What it is, is a community based project that is channeling into the statistical outcomes of those within our immediate peer group. It is not easy to speak to this issue, when there are so many skeptics. It use to be difficult to discuss with people that we did not hire a midwife for the birth of our last son, who is now 10 months old. It is almost like a scar to tell people that our second home birth was unplanned and unassisted. Yet the spirit knows who, when, where, and how… and my hubby and I trust that.

It was not until I attended The Matrona Retreat For Women of Color in the Spring of 2013 that I felt the true connection to my instinctive decision making. I could trust my body and my baby was on the same team with me. And my husband was the GREATEST coach of all times… And we won… and are still winning from the dynamic energy that one experience can offer us as a form of empowerment.

In the beginning we had so much energy and did not exactly know where to focus it all. So first we tried our hand at internet marketing. It was a very unfamiliar territory, but what we were able to grasp from the teaching tools landed us here. Giving us a broad platform to discuss the fragility and sacredness within, the empowerment of childbirth… Hints the title of this post “Stop throwing stones at glass houses”. The childbirth experience is not something that can be sold or bottle up and then tossed into the wind, hoping that someone will run away chanting your ideas. The experience of childbirth is of the Divine and to every woman there is a similar story, but all her own…

So shortly after our 3rd homebirth, we began blogging and telling of our challenges and triumphs. We began to share our fruits with an online community that didn’t know us from Adam and Eve. These individuals became our new friends. We learned that time and persistence is what pays off in the race to freedom. The freedom that we found was not in the concept of a dollar… Money was so contrary to our motivation. It became the desire to help others establish this freedom as well. While doing so… more and more of our original thoughts became clear.

Why did we homebirth our children? Freedom of Choice.

Why did we choose to do it unassisted the last time? Freedom of  Informed Decision.

Why did we choose to breastfeed? Freedom of Maternal Equessence.

Why did we decide to begin a grassroots practice in birth work? Freedom of Spiritual Communication and Cultivation.

So I began by saying, “STOP Trippin!” The birth work industry is nothing new to our civilization. Medical science has turned it into a power struggle of ethics and theory. So here is my theory on the art of conception, childbirth, and parenting in short.

A woman will only conceive with a man that is designed for her egg at it’s proper time and hour. Infertility is a medical term and burden. I was 17 years old, having had premarital sex, no pregnancies (thank Gawd), and all of my closest family and friends were popping babies out left and right. Some had abortions to multiple fathers… it was the norm in my community. This is not to speak ill or corse against those circumstances, but I know that their experiences were not planned that way… by them. Every woman desires to have a family… meaning a partner and co-creator to share the experience of child rearing with.

So I recall a woman asking me… “When you gone have a baby”? I was somewhat offended… but in respect of my elders… I said, “When God says it’s time”.  Then at 25 it hit me… I wanted a baby. I was getting older… and I did not have the right man to produce my seeds with. It took prayer and meditation to will him into my presence. I cooked for him, I primped for him, I even loved myself for him. Then he came, in the blink of an eye. I knew it was him and he recognized me and now we are 7-years strong, 3 children, and highly motivated to continue our mission together of truth and empowerment.

Bringing Home Homebirth

See conception begins in the womb of the mind. If you believe that you can have something… Then it will come to you. It will stalk you down… way down in your soul. You know the place where the baby is carried… In the solar plexus? The same love power that it takes for you to connect to the process of conception, is the exact same process in which we shall approach childbirth, yet in reverse. Instead of tuning into the power of attraction… we must learn how to let go without fear or restriction. This is the power of childbirth freedom… This is the empowerment of what love can do… even in the event of chaos… there WILL come order.

Then the hat of parenthood meets the idea of co-creation and the image of the polarity of the male and female principle becomes the essence of the God factor within identity. Like saying we are who we say we are. So call the children by their names. We name them in lineage and in love… Whether it is familial love, communal love, or conceptual love. I think that they really name themselves and we as parents have to connect to who they say they are. Because, the definitely knew who we were and they choose us. The children know who is the best fit for them… even the mother who is addicted to street drugs, has a cognitive connection with her maternal self… It is just somehow hidden in the darkness of her pain body.

That is why it is imperative to not be boastful and judgemental as it relates to birth work because, this is the most divine time during the process of bring together lifeforce energy. This is where we as women meet the most resistance. This is where we come into the light.

So when we summons help or assistance from the traditions of Western Medicine, or the hand of a Midwife (documented or not), or any other type of birth worker, it is not because we are helpless. We summons this help because it is natural to desire a community to take part in the blessing of childbirth. Women do not “need” to be told how to birth… they need to be reminded that they know what they know. The need to be reckoned to the essence of what brought them this far… with no risks, no worry, and no fear of giving birth, in the beauty of what nature intended… Undisturbed.

Stay Tuned In for this is only the beginning. If you like what you have read here, then subscribe. It’s that simple.

Peace, Love, and Light

Are Mother’s Being Bombarded With Too Much Information On Breastfeeding?

Thinking It Through.

“In modern Western cultures, mothers have more information about breastfeeding than any time in human history.  Unfortunately, most of this information is left-brained, which works well for some tasks, but can be a problem for breastfeeding new mothers. “

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Breast is best…

In mainstream mommy discourse, breast vs. formula can quickly devolve into competition, as yet another way to assert oneself as a superior mother. Even among breast-feeding moms, length at the breast is used as a yardstick of better mothering.

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