Get InTune To Our Healthcare Innovation Movement

The InTune Mother Society is gearing up for #GivingTuesday and we invite you to join the movement.

We have a goal to make sure that everyone who wants to experience our Holistic Perinatal Wellness programs can easily access the ABUNDANCE of such care. 

Our vision is clear and we are presenting a $2.5 Million Dollar IPO campaign to support the expansion of The InTune Mother School of Perinatal Health. We are a 501c3 Charitable Health Organization with a vision to become a pioneering leader in community-based perinatal workforce development initiatives. 

We are expanding our programs to focus on Holistic Family Planning and Workforce Development. In order to do so, we are implementing a new fundraising model for social equity.

The InTune Mother Society aims to provide preventive care through our Holistic Family Planning Center as well as build capacity for our Registered Apprenticeship Program for Perinatal Wellness Coaches. We are asking for your support of $144 in exchange for one “Reproductive Innovation Credit” (RIC) to help recruit, train, and employ members of the community in the occupation of Perinatal Community Health Workers. 

Our mission is to offer shares to our stakeholders as an Innovative Partnership Opportunity (IPO). In exchange for your contribution, we will provide you with a Shareholders Certificate, special member benefits, and the ability to vote and elect a board member to help build a more equitable workforce to support the reproductive well-being of our childbearing community. 

We have a special focus on the reclamation of the Black childbearing body as a part of our Healing Justice and Anti-Racism practice. We invite you to participate in our work to bring awareness and accessibility to the future of Community-Based Family Planning options through healthcare literacy, natural family planning, and public health.

With that said, we are also looking for volunteers to become Ambassadors to help us aggressively market our approach to supporting the future of our social change innovation project.

Join this innovative campaign at any time from November 26, 2021 – December 31, 2022 to vote and join the movement to support The InTune Mother Society to address ways to rectify inequities in the reproductive health marketplace. Your contribution of $144 or more will help shape plans and solutions that dismantle obstacles embedded in the reproductive healthcare system and promote equity and accessibility in family planning activities.

Redesigning Birth Work For The Future

At The InTune Mother Society we believe every family, neighborhood, church, community, and employer should have a designated person(s) or staff who is knowledgeable of how to tend to the cycles of life in a traditional and sustainable way.

This is the real economy.

In February of 2020, The InTune Mother, LLC opened a brick and mortar Holistic Family Planning Center- Beehive Birth Consulting. We did so with a sustainable model in mind to create a strategic relationship between our capital interests, while providing an innovative solution to complex issues. This meant directing our investments into the future of Community-Based Reproductive Well-being.

Owners of Beehive Birth Consulting

Our goal is to make sure that EVERY teen, woman, family, and veteran has access to our sustainble systems of care. This was especially important for us when supporting underrepresented childbearing families in the Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. We identify with the FACT that having access to culturally specific care is life saving and transformational when it comes to the childbirth continuum.

This meant recruiting, training, and employing women from various community demographics to participate in an Earn and Serve business model that serves both the those from affluent communities as well as those in economic hardship. By doing so, we are expanding our Holistic Family Planning Center, with the help of our community partners.

Beehive Birth Consulting a Holistic Family Planning Center

In order to recover from the set backs of COVID and really impact the community in a sustainable way, we had to make a hard pivot. So, we partnered with the Oklahoma Department of Labor and the Central Oklahoma Workforce Innovation Board (COWIB) to develop a 12-month (2144 hour) community based Perinatal Wellness Apprenticeship program that begins with reprogramming the way we identify with the valuation and landscape of Community Health Workers from a Perinatal Wellness lens in Oklahoma. We have built a pathway to provide an innovative model of care that will provide a thriving career path and sustainable vocation in community-based perinatal health with the help of partners of The National Perinatal Task Force.

All apprenticeship participates who compete our 1-year program earn a national, industry-recognized credential, with a special focus on our (4P+) Care model.

We are looking to hire (5) dedicated staff members who have an interest in supporting childbearing families. Applications for our Perinatal Wellness Coach program are open for enrollment on a rolling basis. Register for our Spring Cohort beginning March 2022.

Learn more about our Sustainable programs at the link below and join us on our mission to make Holistic Family Planning accessible for all.

Welcome To The Beehive!

Where Sustainability Meets Holistic Family Planning

The goal of Beehive Birth Consulting is to provide boutique style Holistic Family Planning services. We seek to assist families in achieving the number of children desired, birthing those babies conceived without trauma or harm, practicing appropriate child spacing and timing to ensure optimal healing, growth, and development of each family member.

Failure to plan for care can adversely affect the mental, emotional, and financial health of the pregnant individual, the health of the relationship between partners, and health of the family as a whole.

We have created a holistic approach to Family Planning through our prevention education programs and look forward to providing access to classes, workshops, and care plans in our new dedicated space beginning August 22nd, 2020.

We provide a variety of traditional services for Private Pay and Soonercare eligible members.

The Beehive is a sustainability program of The InTune Mother Society (The TIM Society) a registered 501(c)3 with the IRS as well as a Charitable Health Organization in the state of Oklahoma.

All gifts and contributions are tax deductible.

Visit us on the web to learn more about our Dimes for Doulas campaign and how you can help us keep our cost affordable for all by donating your #dimes.

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The InTune Mother Society Is Pivoting to Practice Spacious Solidarity During COVID-19

Due to the current events of COVID-19 and the National precautionary recommendations we feel that is is integral for the safety of our staff, partners, trainees, and trainers to pivot our efforts to make Doula training programs accessible for all.

We know that Doula services contribute to the woman’s preparation for and support during childbirth. We also know that some hospitals are opposed to the support that can be obtained by hiring a Doula.

Moreover we are not going to let the current events stop us from supporting our birthing community.

Prior to the current health crisis, we were planning to host a Community Based DONA International Birth Doula Training (April 17th-19th, 2020) at our newly renovated training and services center in Midwst City, Oklahoma.

We have been working hard to manage our sustainable space where trainings, classes, workshops, and community events are centered to ensure better outcomes for childbearing families.

So that we can provide the skills needed and protect those we seek to serve, we are intentional at the Beehive. We have made some very intense decisions over the past few weeks to ensure that participants have access to a quality educational experience.

In order to practice “spacious solidarity” we are pivoting from the original plan to host a LIVE in person training to now offering the same 3-Day training opportunity online via ZOOM app for those local to Oklahoma. If are already registered be looking for your email packet. If you are looking forward to registering for our Spring Session time is of the essence.

The program for the online platform will consist of:

3-days of virtual training, with BONUS component that will teach you the skills needed to Doula in the age of COVID-19 or in a virtual space, as well as an in person “one-day” interactive (hands on training session) also facilitated by DONA International trainer Nikia Lawson.

The cost of this virtual DONA International Birth Doula training with BONUS session is $500 when you enroll TODAY.

THIS TRAINING IS FOR OKLAHOMA RESIDENTS ONLY. The deadline for registration is 4/12/20.

Payments made after the deadline will increase to $650.

If you would like to apply for this training opportunity please read the information and fill out the application when you click the link below. (If you are not local to Oklahoma please bypass this offer for the Spring training and address the Summer Pathways program and proceed to the registration for the DONA International Birth Doula Training July 2020)

Train With The InTune Mother Society

We look forward to seeing your application and helping you progress through the journey ahead as a DONA Certified Community Birth Doula.

Registration details here

We Said Yes! Now You Can Too!

Yes. Our organization is deliberately focused on growing sustainsble solutions for underrepresented childbearing families.

Yes. Our organization is open to supporting the wellbeing of ALL families through the primal continuum of human development.

Yes. Our organization does welcome Non-POC to work with us in alliance for the creation of sustainable solutions that heal the wounds of the past, improve communication in the present, and impact the quality of life for future generations.

Today is December 29th, 2019 and we have made it through a very interesting year. So much so… that we are more excited about the next (10) years.

Building a legacy is a slow process.

Our motto is:

We Grow Humans

Cultivating a framework for valuation and sovereignty for the human family through healing justice.

You can help us further our mission with a contribution of any amount. Remember you still have time to make a tax-deductible donation to our organization before January 1st when you click the link below.

Make a contribution to help us support more underrepresented childbearing families