A Workforce For The Future

We are a 501c3 Charitable Health Organization, designed to build sustainable systems of care by modeling birth, reproductive, and climate justice through workforce innovation. We acknowledge that childbearing families of Historically Unvisible Black + Indigenous (HUB+I) communities need access to culturally curated reproductive health options in order to create a thriving ecosystem for overall human development.


Our Mission

As Woman-Led organization, we are creating a society where every child conceived is wanted and loved.

Our mission is to invest in community-based perinatal wellness education that promotes job creation through our innovative Pathways Program which is focused on Sustainable Familyhood®️

Our vision for reproductive well-being is to grow and scale our TEKnology based educational programs to provide skills and resources to uplift family planning options while serving priority populations within the jobs marketplace.

Innovative Systems of Care

How You Can Help Us Grow

Your gift will help equip community-based providers with the necessary resources to navigate through the completion of their training, and also access additional resources to help them manage the interruptions of life while in pursuit of certification. We offer the promise of a more sustainable future as it relates to a career in community-based family planning. You can make a difference today by giving the gift of education.

Sustainable Values


What People Say

The generosity of this organization makes it possible for me to continue having education opportunities in this necessary area.

Joelisha Goggins

You are doing a wonderful job building a system of care for childbearing families that need compassionate people during their most critical time in life. I will definitely volunteer in any way that I can.

Sara King

Cultural Capital


Society Talk

Healing Justice

Our Innovative Mission of Sustainable Familyhood

To help the childbearing community by providing the education, skills, and employment opportunities needed to thrive. Thus creating a society where teens, women, and families have the space to preserve their own reproductive well-being, grow their families in sustainable ways, care for the children they give birth to, and build equity for future generations by addressing the urgent need to uplift culturally relevant practices for birth, healing, and climate justice, through workforce innovation.

What is Healing Justice?
Healing Justice is a non-exhaustive framework that uses processes to combat the exposure of trauma and abuse to the heart, body, and mind caused by oppressive attitudes and behaviors of unequal distribution of power.