Train With The InTune Mother Society

A Community Based Approach to Culturally Centered Perinatal Education

Are you interested in career opportunity that supports teen, women and childbearing families with Holistic Reproductive Health Education?
The InTune Mother Society is expanding our reach and capacity to serve the childbearing community. Our training opportunities provide a full-spectrum Perinatal Wellness Coach Certification® that is registered through Central Oklahoma Workforce Innovatin Board (COWIB) and The Oklahoma Department of Labor (DOL).

Our 12-Month Program works through an intentional lens of Healing Justice and Anti-Racism, by identifying the need to offer innovative ways and solutions to support underrepresented childbearing populations. In doing so, we have designed this educational program model to be holistically responsive to ecological practices that intervene in the structural violence and trauma to reproductive health and overall perinatal well-being as statewide initiative as well as internatioanlly.


Our training brings collective practices that impact and transform the consequences of oppression to the culture, heritage, traditions, bodies, hearts and minds as it relates to innovation in community-based care and workforce development. Our open enrollment offers students to participate in our seasonal Cohort design every quarter. Here you will learn the (12) Dimensions of Perinatal Wellness through our 4P+ Pathways Program.

These include:

Preconception + Pregnancy + Postpartum + Parenting + Mental Health

We recognize the need for innovation within systems of reproductive health care and family planning options though the Perinatal Wellness Coach®️ occupation which supports our standards for education through the community health worker lens of reproductive well-being.

Registration is open for enrollment on a rolling basis. If you have questions, contact us to discuss how you can Train With The InTune Mother Society™.

For tuition assistance please contact our local partners at Central Oklahoma Workforce Innovation Board

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